Ursa item build

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  1. -AxeToTheFace-

    -AxeToTheFace- Well-Known Member

    My Item build for Fuzzy Wuzzy:

    Vanguard for anti-hararsment, as an extension from stout shield early game. Plus it gives HP: + Dmg from Ulti and HP regen.

    Phase for Damage and Phase, Nuff said.

    Then Dagger for blinking in and instagibbing (Lothar's maybe a better option)

    Finally if the game drags on, get a heart for a massive angry bear.

    Oh, and Soloing Roshan at some point in the game.
  2. Baconnaise

    Baconnaise Well-Known Member

    Vanguard is unneeded. Get a vlads for lifesteal and early rosh.
  3. stealthfire

    stealthfire Well-Known Member

    vlads is no rush, go early blink like you should and make them cry, then rosh at your leisure when they're all dead.

    general fuzzy wuzzy always starts with stout, then upgrade to PMS if laning and vanguard if jungling, decided by your lineup and who's in your lane.

    Between phase and treads its a matter of preference, treads gives you more out of overpower and phase the opposite.

    Between lothars and blink, if they get countermeasures for invis, you're out for the whole game. Blink is the safer, cheaper bet.
  4. EternityPala

    EternityPala Well-Known Member

    This is a debatable point, with Vanguard allowing you to early rosh as well.
    I'd favour Vlad's though, as PMS is an easy replacement for Vanguard, and it's cheaper as well.
  5. sonson619

    sonson619 Well-Known Member

    Lothars get stats so i prefer this ::p its unlikely anyone will get dust or wards or gem in a pub game or even in inhouse games.
  6. Clear

    Clear Well-Known Member

    ahm.. could you add AoM for your build??
  7. sonson619

    sonson619 Well-Known Member

    Armlet is build for dps tanks so yeah
  8. Lollypatrolly

    Lollypatrolly Well-Known Member

    Vanguard and vlad are interchangeable and situational. Vanguard is better for a guide because it fits in all situations, while vlad may be a good idea in a few select cases.

    Blink rush usually beat both, but you may not always have good enough farm for that.

    Easy item builds. Keep in mind that you should be flexible, following guides will only get you so far.

    If lane: Start stout + regen
    Poor Man's Shield and possibly magic stick.
    RoH (if vanguard)
    Phase + bracer, OR Blink rush OR complete vanguard. Depends on how much offense you need and how early you do. Then complete the others of these 3

    If jungle: Stout + regen -> RoR, basilius. Don't use mask of death before Vlad is complete. Possible early boots for gank, situational. Otherwise just complete vlad then farm boots and blink. A few bracers + magic stick will solve the low HP issues with vlad.

    Later: BKB or Heart. If you went BKB, get a heart after, though games usually don't last this long. MKB is very viable to counter evasion or butterfly heroes that you need to burst down, but only after your heart / bkb are in.

    Of course I'm not really weighing in really situational things like getting linken if you have omni. The options are there, though, and you will want to consider them on a game-by-game basis.

    You may as well roll dice for a win, then, because often even the worst of bnet pubs get wards to counter your initiation. If you want lothar's, get it after blink.

    Vanguard isn't much for the damage block. You're setting yourself up for a good mid game because of the high HP pool it provides, while the regen is great for holding tough lanes.
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  9. iser

    iser Well-Known Member

    wait, i thought it is standard to rush vlads to rosh at lvl 7.
  10. Lollypatrolly

    Lollypatrolly Well-Known Member

    Can be done with a vanguard.

    And rosh early is not what defines ursa, it's just a situational perk. Sometimes you can rosh early, but most of the time you will get busted, so unless your team has superior map control, it's often a bad idea.
  11. EternityPala

    EternityPala Well-Known Member

    With the money spent for Vanguard, you can get other stuff, if you went for a PMS.
  12. Lollypatrolly

    Lollypatrolly Well-Known Member

    If you went for PMS, yes. Vlad is not a better alternative than stacking them, though.
  13. Black Isle

    Black Isle Well-Known Member

    i get vangard coz i tower-crep dive too much. and it should be. i find hp boost fine with hot. lothar or dagger is a must. boots dont matter all 4 of them are fine.
  14. Pszczolek

    Pszczolek Well-Known Member

    I usually go stout (upgrade to PMS after) then vlads, boots, lothar, upgrade boots to bot or str treads and get heart as luxury. Works well for me in SIG (If you don't believe I can post replays :p).
  15. bulldozer

    bulldozer Well-Known Member

    If I can, I always rush blink dagger first, go gank and farm along the way then some bracers, phaseboots then vlad. After that get a vitality booster and you're done or the time being. Just get heart, heart, heart. I'm still amazed that some ppl still get butterfly on ursa....just completely useless.
  16. EternityPala

    EternityPala Well-Known Member

    Naw, wasn't comparing Vlad's to Vanguard now.
    I'm saying, Vangaurd is pretty replacable, and the benefits of Vitality Booster + PMS, are comparable, and is cheaper as well.
  17. ^Eternity^

    ^Eternity^ Well-Known Member

    I'd rather get a talisman of evasion late game than a butterfly as the aspd is wasted.

    PMS + Vitality Booster is better than Vanguard as it allows an earlier heart.Also i'd say Travels/Phase are the boots for him.Threads for another 15 damage during ulti is wasted.

    Dagger rush after a PMS is generally the way played by my friends.
    Armlet if bought would be after dagger and vlads.

    So the build is more or less:
    PMS>Boots>Blink>Phase/Travels>Vlads>Vitality booster>Armlet

    HoT>Talisman of evasion> HoT2

    Aegis can be gotten anytime after core is done.
  18. stealthfire

    stealthfire Well-Known Member

    ^ because 60 damage and 30% evasion has no effect whatsoever and anyone who wants it is a poor stupid aborigine.
  19. JaCKaSS_69

    JaCKaSS_69 Well-Known Member

    I'd suggest a Vlad's rush and Roshan kill. It is really frustrating for the enemy team having a 3lvls above them Ursa with Aegis to kill. You also get your team a lot more gold.

    Then PMS + Phase and Dagger/Lothars depending on your playstyle/team. I always favoured Dagger but now that Lothars got buffed it seems a really good choice as well.

    After that damage, damage, damage, maybe hp if needed. How will you distinguish when it is better to get hp over damage? If you enemies have many high nukes or are capable of taking you down before you get a chance to deal your damage get hp. Magic immunity is handy but ruins Ursa's spells. Mandatory if the enemies are full of disables. Alternatively if you can manage to catch them 1v1 Orchid is a very viable choice imfo. :)
  20. PraiseJesus

    PraiseJesus Well-Known Member

    my build for jungle ursa in this order
    quelling blade
    -lvl 8 with vlad u can solo rosh-
    dagger or lothars (i prefer lothars but if your team already has an invis hero or an natural invis counter like slardar go dagger)
    lategame sell pt for travel if needed

    imho pt > phase because the attack speed is sometimes very useful if you dont kill your target within the 5 hits + the stat bonus offers you more dmg with your ulti. but i haven played him with the new +dmg only phase yet so i cant realy talk about that.

    also sometimes evasion heros can fuck you up alot so i sometimes get mkb (even though i dont know how exactly it interfers with his orb, as far as i know when the mini bash procs u dont get a fury swipes attack)