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Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by jtMessy, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. jtMessy

    jtMessy Member

    Ursa is one of my favourite heroes and I play him quite regularly using my own set of item builds.

    I just checked some of the guides on the forums and it wasn't quite nearly the same as my item build.

    I start off with 2 slippers, wand, tangoes and salves. I then build up to magic wand, quelling blade and PMS and regular boots.

    My first core item would be vanguard, at which point after completing I would roshan and complete my phase boots.

    After that, I get my dagger and gank continuously until I am able to farm up a guinsoo to KO an enemy hero with hex, making the team battles a constant 4v5 situation. By then the game should be over.

    Is my build viable?
  2. kampfer.

    kampfer. Well-Known Member

    get lothar and vlad fast than gank
    else for luxury try to get life / dps items HoT mkb against bfly user and all others -.-
    pretty fexible
  3. arijit

    arijit Well-Known Member

    Whats your team doing then ??

    Make Vladimir's Offering. Then HoT or MKB or Rad.
  4. pyjama

    pyjama Active Member

    you can't have too many guinsoos ,can you?
  5. jtMessy

    jtMessy Member

    I prefer dagger over lothars for its flexibility, and its cheaper. Somehow I always forget about vlads but even if I do get that it'll probably be after dagger and before guin.

    Guinsoo solves ursa's mana problem. And hex is well, hex. Lol. Helps me take down their carry or main support almost instantly.

    True that.

    But anyway, is guinsoo really not a viable item for ursa?
  6. arijit

    arijit Well-Known Member

    imo you can go for Shiva's guard instead if you need mana. Vladimir also give little Mana regen. Dagger is better than lothars, on ursa.
  7. VadujE

    VadujE Well-Known Member

    Since you get everything a ursa needs it's viable.

    phase dagger is imho enough for ursa to do his job.
    Vanguard Vlads are quite nice for him, like HoT or guinsoo.

    Guinsoo is never a bad choice, however it's annoying to farm it. I personally gank most of the time after dagger and don't farm much anymore.
  8. banjkan3

    banjkan3 Well-Known Member

    I build ursa as:

    PMS + Stick + Phase -> Vlads/Vanguard -> Dagger -> Hex

    Throw a BKB in there if necessary.

    The first stuff should be obvious, vlads if you're foresting, vanguard if you're laning, either of them will allow you to do Roshan and give you a form of regeneration. Dagger should pretty much be a given, although Lothars can be fun, Dagger is just cheaper and harder to counter. Also, Ursa, unlike SF cannot feasibly farm up a 15 minute lothars and then stomp the game with it in most cases.

    Hex is where it gets controversial, and most people would build a heart there instead. The way I see it, if stuff is still insta-dieing to you come 30-40 minutes into the game then you've probably won already. People SHOULD have either a stun, or a slow, or an escape or (most annoyingly for Ursa), a GHOST scepter and this stage of the game, and you'll struggle to instarape things like you did before. Sure a heart will make you do more damage and make you harder to kill, but it doesn't fix any of these problems for you.

    BKB will solve stuns, particularly if your team has enough disable, but even then you still want some item AFTER that. Until you've experienced the true horror of a Guinsoo + Dagger bear I guess it's hard to understand how evil it is. It renders everything but raw HP & armour useless against you, even BKB is hard to cast if you're blinking from fog and hexing instantly.

    ONCE you've made these things you can consider a heart or an MKB (vs wr and suchlike), or possilby even S&Y (cheap, damage, -ms, hp, attackspeed for when your overpower is down), but I really don'ot see how any of these items would come above hex in order of priorities.

    So yes, your build is very viable, and in my eyes the best build for ursa.
  9. jtMessy

    jtMessy Member

    Shiva's is good, but wouldn't spending an extra $975 for a hex and better mana regen(not to mention +10 to all stats) outweigh shiva's slow and armor? Plus, ursa is already an agi hero so he should have decent armor.

    Phase dagger does prove enough to do his job. But vanguard adds survivability and damage so yeah why not? What do you do with the cash after you've ganked like 5-10 times? Lol.
  10. arijit

    arijit Well-Known Member

    Guinsoo costs fairly high. By the time you get that money you can get other items. And late game due to your stats, Mana problems should decrease. Disables are always good to have though. But on ursa it seems a bit odd. Anyway after your initial build and HoT any thing is viable on ursa I guess.
  11. jtMessy

    jtMessy Member

    YESS finally someone who agrees with me completely. As he said, dagger guinsoo ursa can instarape someone within 3.5 seconds. I only stumbled upon it after trying to kill a buffed up Slark. Also, Guinsoo provides crazy mana regen. Bundled with vanguard, you don't even need to go back to fountain for regen anymore.
  12. feral_nature

    feral_nature Well-Known Member

    i either go for tank build - phase>blade mail>hot
    or ganker style - phase>dagger>bkb
  13. CvP

    CvP Forum Manager

    one thing I always do is go jungle, farm up a vlad and kill roshan at or before 13 min mark.
    then I can get dagger and boots by 17/18 min. then eul/guinsoo/heart/bkb depending on situation.

    basically, once i have boots, vlad and dagger, it's all about roam and gank.
    I try to specifically target opponent paper heroes. sniper/drow/luna/sf are my fav :p
  14. menke51

    menke51 Well-Known Member

    Vanguard first is a good item imo, but you can make PMS and a vitality booster you save up for your HoT as well, if you don't really need the regen. qb is useless cause it doesnt stack with your orb. After vanguard go for dagger, then upgrade your boots to whatever you like. then there are many options.

    -armlet (nice hp boost, armor, dmg, ias)
    -vlads (if team doesn't have one)
    -terrasque (imba dmg with your ulti, but quite expensive)
    butterfly (pretty nice dmg too, also expensive)
    -bkb (obvious reasons :D)
  15. jtMessy

    jtMessy Member

    I don't see the real benefits of getting a heart. I mean yes it does give HP and damage, but w/o bkb, you can't kill if you get stunned or slow. Even if the enemy doesnt have a slow/stun, if you dont manage to kill within the time he's slowed, then you're basically fucked.

    IMO, i think that HoT/bkb is more of a tanker build while guinsoo is a ganker build. Anyone agree?
  16. Fixthemix

    Fixthemix Well-Known Member

    Shivas is actually pretty underrated for Ursa, other than the obvious slow for pounding on things, the +10 armor means your hit points will drop slower, which agains means more damage from your ultimate. Also gives the decent aura.

    I rarely build it though, my core goes: Wand, PMS, Phase Boots, Vladimir's, Vitality Booster -> Heart. Depending on lineup, I sometimes go Blink/Treads instead of Vladimirs/Phase, but it's all situational.
    After Heart, the massive armor boost & -as aura from Shivas adds loads of survivability, although I think Butterfly is better (preparing for flame).
  17. feral_nature

    feral_nature Well-Known Member

    lol how u tank with bkb when u evade nukes/stuns/disables?
  18. lapiz

    lapiz Active Member

    Well ur right about the guinsoo. It is most of the time the best item to get for mr bear after the initial items (treads+vlads+dagger/lothar or phase+vang+vlad+dagger/lothar, personally I prefer dagger and treads). It gets a lot easier to pick off heroes when u finally get the guinsoo. Also BKB > heart almost always.

    Id guess that would be the "core" for my bear. Of course theres quite a few situations where u have to or ur allowed to alter that order.
  19. arijit

    arijit Well-Known Member

    Benifit of HoT is for ursa's ulti. Gives imba damage. Imo bkb is situational on Ursa.
  20. scrubsie

    scrubsie Well-Known Member

    BKB situational? Hehehehe. How are u gonna kill somebody when there's at least 3 disables on the other team? Unless you play a pub where everyone pick 5 agi carries.