Ur top 10 female singers

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by Sonic, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Sonic

    Sonic Well-Known Member

    Make u top 10 of ur favourite females singers. It doesn't matter what genre of music. So u can freely make Nicki Minaj on №1. Just wanna see.
    My top 10
    1. Lady gaga - she is the best
    2. Rihanna - amazing too
    3. Adele - her vocals are great
    4. Taylor Swift - nice country songs
    5. Katy Perry - some nice songs
    6. Maddonna - well that grandma has good pop songs
    7. Jessie J - well she's good too
    8. Nicki Minaj - stupid hoe, some good songs
    9. Carly Rae Japsen
    10. Kesha
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  2. alieNATION

    alieNATION Well-Known Member

    Re: Rate females above

    I am not too familiar with female singers, but I do know one very talented female singer:

    Elizabeth Fraser (of Cocteau Twins fame)
  3. Sonic

    Sonic Well-Known Member

    Re: Rate females above

    Never listened that name ^
  4. Pinopi

    Pinopi Well-Known Member

    Re: Rate females above

    It's not "Rate females Above", it's "Your Top Female Vocalists".
    01. Rihanna - Amazing live performance
    02. Lady Gaga - Amazing albums, everything is listenable and creative
    03. Katy Perry - I love bright music, Perry comes on my list
    04. Ke$ha - Horribly Autotuned, but love it.
    05. Jessie J - Same goes as RiRi
    06. Nicki Minaj (Pop & R&B only) - I don't like her rap, but she got some amazing R&B and Pop songs on both albums Pink Friday and Pink Friday:Roman Reloaded.
    07. Dev - The only listenable Electronic Pop out there.
    08. Lana Del Rey - Her siren voice is sick (in a good way)
    09. Britney Spears (Old works, before Femme Fatale) - Her past works are awesome and creative
    10. Madonna (Only Celebration [her greatest hits] and MDNA) - The Queen of Pop.
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  5. Twixtea

    Twixtea Well-Known Member

    In no particular order:

    1.Taylor Swift
    2.Simone Simons
    3.Sandra Nasić
    4.Katy Perry
    6.Cristina Scabbia
    7.Lady Gaga
    8.Sharon Den Adel
    9.Alicia Keys
    10.Anette Olzon
  6. esqape

    esqape Banned

    Re: Rate females above

    that is the worst list of vocalists I've seen in a while. A brainless pop girl list if I ever saw one.

    I have a ton of favorites. A few of them are michelle branch, kelly clarkson, janet jackson, haley reinhart, florence welch, alanis morisette, melane chrisholm, and adele.
  7. Pinopi

    Pinopi Well-Known Member

    Re: Rate females above


    You are the brainless one for listening to that whore, as high as fuck, using soul music as pop and shit :D, I'm not starting a fight, just sarcasm.
  8. Glac1al

    Glac1al Well-Known Member

    I find listening to a duckface worse than Adele tho.

    1. Mami Kawada
    2. Itou Kanako
    3. Mika Kobayashi
    4. Madonna
    5. Sharon den Adel
    6. Masayoshi Minoshima
    7. Yoshino Nanjo
    8. Avril Lavigne
    9. Fergie
    10. Britney Spears

    Yeah, I don't listen to the last three often (but still like them).
  9. .Budi

    .Budi Well-Known Member

    YUI and Miwa are the only singers I could put on a "Top x" list. I would put Adele on it, but each song she sings would sound better when sung by a black man, so I can't. Rest of pop-genre singers sound the same to me.
  10. Sonic

    Sonic Well-Known Member

    So u would listen to adele's music, if she were black woman
  11. .Budi

    .Budi Well-Known Member

    I would listen to her when she sounds like a black (wo)man...
  12. AncientRune

    AncientRune Well-Known Member

    1. Annette Olzon
    2. Taylor swift
    3. Avail Lavigne
    4. Madonna
    5. Kelly clarkson
    6. Ayumi hamasaki
    7. Jessica Jung
    8. Jessie J
    I'll think later
  13. xkhuongdox

    xkhuongdox Well-Known Member

    In no order:
    1. Shiina Ringo
    2. Elizabeth Frazer (Cocteau Twins)
    3. Anneke van Giersbergen (ex-The Gathering)
    4. Jenn Ghetto (Carissa's Wierd)
    5. Rachel Goswell (Slowdive)
    6. Jarboe (Swans)
    7. Julie Christmas (Battle of Mice/Made Out of Babies)
    8. Beth Gibbons (Portishead)
    9. Audrey Sylvain (Amesoeurs)
    10. Bjork