Upcomming Smeevil mounts

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  1. Cymen

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    EDIT: Here is more info about the unlocking process. Cyborgmatt has some info as well.

    It seems that you will be able to hatch a mount for your Smeevil using Critter Eggs and change the look of your Smeevil by feeding it Smeevil Treats. Possible outcomes are a crab, a mammoth and a bird.

    My personal guess is that you will be able to get the eggs and treats by playing the upcomming Compendium Game Mode which Cyborgmatt found in the files.

    Aka the Tauntaun!


    It only wants to shake hands
    Source: Workshophatemachine from reddit.
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  2. mhd54

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    how do we get them?
  3. zergisop

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    Half of reddit is saying $, half of reddit is saying drops

    Only time will tell!
  4. AKBu3nY

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  5. AdmiralSnook

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    I would diffently get the crab mount, just cause I like to eat seafood.
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  6. They put less and less efforts in the design...
  7. mhd54

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    No one cares about these useless Dota 2 cosmetics, mounts or how else they call them.
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    Well, whatever.

    I'm just glad this is being rolled out so quickly.

    I was assuming a much longer delay.

    Awesome :).
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    Fixed your post bro. 'w'b
  11. Cymen

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    Indeed. They care so little for the Compendium that we are close to the fifth stretchgoal. Cosmetics are where the profit for this game comes from. There is a huge interest in cosmetics. Big enough that VALVe hired an economist to manage their trade-based Steam economy.
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    can we have an updated information on these couriers or post a source please?

    CASANOVAZL Active Member

    Did somone else notice the new description

    - Green Smeevil
    - Red Smeevil (Locked)
    - Yellow Smeevil (Locked)
    - Purple Smeevil (Locked)
    - Red Smeevil and Mammoth (Locked)
    - Yellow Smeevil and Bird (Locked)
    - Purple Smeevil and Crab (Locked)

    Current Style: Green Smeevil
  14. Asevastos

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    That Mammoth.... omg look at on its eyes! look at them deep!
  15. Bodge

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    I-I thought you can get them freely...and juggle through each color and mount freely...
  16. Pentinor

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    I want dat mammoth
  17. pootisbird99

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    I personally really like the idea of the new matchmaking and could care less about smeevil's.
  18. Cymen

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    Here is a link to Wyk's Blog with more information. Cyborgmatt has also a new Blog-entry with info.