Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger

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  1. maikimai

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    This isn't anime but I think this is related here.

    PLOT: When evil threatens Akihabara, three "youths" (a Super Sentai otaku, a cosplay otaku, and a closet anime otaku) receive technology from a beautiful scientist to fight against it.

    Basically it's Power Rangers with moe culture.

    Here is the first episode.

    EDIT It is unlisted in youtube so I can't embed it here.
  2. Atilla

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    Not particularly interesting but it's actually the first live action show I've checked out that is from Japan so that was fun in itself.

    Also, Malshina is hawt.
  3. Zien

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    Those asses at 20:XX.
  4. maikimai

    maikimai Well-Known Member

    Holy shit, I can't stop laughing at Episode 3, Yellow and Malshina are fujoshi.

    OT: Malshina and Hakase are hot.
  5. Zien

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    Too much fanservice,won't work for an official 'kids' show I guess.




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  6. maikimai

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    My Body was not ready


    OT: Yumeria is actually good at cosplaying.

    Next Ep. Some delicious Hakase service.

  7. maikimai

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    Oh good it just keeps on getting interesting,

    Akibarangers can now exist in the real world, meaning the 3 heroes aren't just delusional now.
    Malsheena now exists in the real world.
    Blue cosplays Aoi-tan
    Yellow is still so moe.