Two, skilled dota players 5 year exp LF 3 more

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by sean2451, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. sean2451

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    Two, skilled *dota 2* players 5 year exp in dota LF 3 more guys to stomp pubs

    Were 18/19 years old

    *** we are from the UK!***

    We are 3 skilled dota players, from the UK, LF 2/3 more people to team with. we played ina few tournaments, etc etc layed back chilled fun,

    - There maybee be 3 of us depending if the RL friend wants in also

    We can play ALL roles and ALL characters

    1) you must speak english, or at least speak it well :)
    2) be good, were not asking for some PRO L33t skills, but just be "really good/Skilled", and good at the game. (we ourselves are good indeed)
    3) Be fun, were not here to play with people who dont understand that word !
    4) we play to win - losing is god damn stressfull after 50 minutes QQ

    5) intrested ? let me know ! drop me a post on here and il get back to you asap. Were looking for people who can play mostly every hero, not just one hero very well. Either 90% or none :p. also if your not good please dont post, were looking to make a Strong fun standard team where its a fun, winning atmosphere which is kinda hard to find. we also plan to go tournaments if thigns work out that well ( where we have experience) or just keep stomping on the pubs we dont mind! .

    we all have our own lives ,work/college/uni, Girlfriends needs some loving too <3 so dont feel pressured to always being online or any of that. Maybee if things work well we will automaticly begin to be mroe active?

    - If you cant handle the fun of banter! Get stressed and start monkey raging, or cant take some jokes then this isnt for you

    - if you do post knowing your not good, its only a time game before we know that :)

    We will be playing tonight at around 10:00pm UK time! so if your avaliable, let me know in the post below :)
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  2. sean2451

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    We also Use skype, So its a must!
  3. yahzar

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    I am interested and so is my mate, we are both form the UK and have lanned different games at local events. We have 2 years casual hon experience, and played some dota before that.
    Any questions or any think just add me on steam and we can have a chat Steam: markhaynes789
  4. sean2451

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  5. leo2know

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    u 2 got any comp experience? maybe u could play in a tourny with us today ?
  6. sean2451

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    Hey dude, i used to play alot on the dota clan website, its was 2 years ago, but yeh the 3 of us did,

    How many of you are there?
  7. leo2know

    leo2know Well-Known Member

    there is 2-3 of us too if the 3rd person joins the team theres 3 of us.
  8. sean2451

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    hey mate, sorry ive been away off the forums,

    ~Add me on skype - sean.hampton1

    If you are still looking for 2 /3 more :)
  9. LocoMaw

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    If you are still interested i am your person add me in skype for more information
    My skype is locomaw
  10. Grubberry

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    can i join pub raping?
  11. MB.

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    Im 24 and from Germany. At the moment im studying.
    I played DotA1 for like 6-7 Years and swap completly to DotA2 in November last year .In DotA1 I played in different Leagues like Pickleague,Argh-LEague, Excello-Cup and this french League.^^
    Im looking for skilled People and entertaining matches.
    Im a very experienced Player and was allready Member of some Int. Clans back in the days.
    I like to play any role but Support/ Fullsupport. Im rly variable.
    I can not promise to be online everyday but im really active in the late Evening and in the Night generally.
    I think in near future i also can spend more time for playing DotA2 as im allready doing.
    I would like u guys to try me out.


    greetz MB
  12. bit_

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    been playing since 04, steam gh_ul
  13. seany22

    seany22 Well-Known Member

    Will add all you guys later, around 10:00 UK time,

    Sorry in the delay in replying
  14. zerowingz

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    Still in need of l33t skills! :D?