[tut] How Run Dota 2 on Mac OSX

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    Hello this is a tutorial about how to run Dota 2 on mac.

    First you going to need Wineskin:-
    Wineskin is a tool used to make ports of Windows software to Mac OS X.
    An open source, cross-platform, implementation of C# and the CLR that is binary compatible with Microsoft.NET
    3rd STEAM For windows

    How to Install:-
    1- Install Wineskin
    2- Install Wineskin Engine MS8Wine 1.5.1
    3- Update to the latest Wrapper
    4- Create a New blank Wrapper And Name it Steam
    5- after its done you will see a message tells you its done creating ... click on view the folder.
    6- it will show you the folder of the wrapper you created usually found in /user/applications/wineskin/
    7- right click and click on show package contents.
    8- click on the wineskin icon and select Install an application
    9- Choose the first one which is Executable... then search for the Steam file which you downloaded earlier... note that steam version must be for windows
    10- do a normal install.
    11- after you finish the installation click on wineskin and go to advances .. make sure that the file path is set to the steam.exe file
    12- Install Mono for mac OSX
    13- Run the steam wrapper file to allow steam for win to run on mac
    14- log-in to your account
    15- right click on dota 2 - properties - set launch options and type this[/COLOR] command line.. must be exactly the same..
    -novid -windowed -nod3d9ex
    i typed the -windowed command to make the game starts on a window screen because if you dont type that you wont be able to use the keyboard in-game
    16- start the game and go to settings - video - change the display to full screen and choose the best resolution to display and now you are done.

    All credit goes to Moritz Fl
    Click here to see his videos on youtube
  2. brainwaves

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    Cant find Engine MS8Wine 1.5.1. I have WS8Wine 1.5.1, does that make a difference?
  3. brainwaves

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    and wineskin doesnt stop being busy...
  4. Lord_Talron

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  5. golligo

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    i followed the steps that you shared, and when i run the game all i can see is a blank white screen, so sad. do u know what could be the solution? i changed the fullscreen to windows mode, but it keeps telling me that i need to change it back
  6. tottoche

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    Seems tasty, but my 2008 good old macbook pro would burn if I virtualized Dota2.
    The only way for me is installing windows with bootcamp ("windaube" as we say in french).
  7. Lord_Talron

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    still cant figure out how to run this damn game in fullscreen mode
  8. golligo

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    i can't run it at all. is playable for u in windows mode?
  9. Shmendrich

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    Its playable in bootcamp, it crashes every now and then (once or twice a game) but its quite playable
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    Thats not running it on Mac OSX thats running it on Windows 8. NEXT
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    This is great! The game keeps giving me problems in Bootcamp, so I've decided to try this method.

    The only problem so far is that it seems to be updating non stop. It opens and goes through the update process and then does it all over again.

    Any ideas as to why this is happening? Do I just need to wait it out?

    Edit: I realized that it's actually having an error, closing itself, and reopening. It says: Failed to remove temporary unzip folder.

    What does this mean?
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  12. Draguuro-Manchi

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    Alternate method,

    Buy windows.
  13. marzzbar

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    If you get "Failed to remove temporary unzip folder." you should use Wine version 1.5.26.

    Also, I needed to add -no-dwrite to EXE flags to see text in steam.
  14. bas2sin

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    BRO HELP PLS I HAVE NO SOUND. Everything is fine but no sound. Please help.
  15. SpellBindeR~

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  16. Alright Valve is now working to port Dota 2 on Linux and Mac so just wait for the Valve time
  17. NickPhamUK

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    It is already on Linux and Mac.