Tuskar and Icarus itembuild

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by chickenconmeka, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. any suggestions?
  2. Lycan

    Lycan Administrator

    PT armlet (BF) Basher

    kinda works on both but i'd suggest it on the tuskar for starters

    vlad for lifesteal get an oov as orb though
  3. The_Reaping

    The_Reaping Well-Known Member

    PT(str), Vanguard, HoT, Bloodstone, whatever other strength items you want for Phoenix.

    As for Tuskarr, i'd say PT(int/str), Vlads, and any other DPS items, as his Walrus Punch goes off of his damage.
  4. ashiradez

    ashiradez Well-Known Member

    i think dagger/loths is better for him 2nd skill is way to OP .. and dive can be used as escaping mechanism .. rad too ..

    Just like sven but in a lot way different gameplay ..
  5. ScarletSkyFury

    ScarletSkyFury Well-Known Member

    Ive been playing Icarus alot and for starters I go Wand/STR treads/Urn

    From here on it depends on what the opposing team consists of, but generally I end up getting Hood/Linkings after
  6. epicwinner

    epicwinner Well-Known Member

    i bought wards with icarus and 6 bf with tuskar dude
  7. Ayekee

    Ayekee Well-Known Member

    PT, Urn, Vanguard -> HoT, HoD (optional)
    Luxury: Radiance, Skadi

    PT, Dagger, BF, Vlads, Skadi
  8. metalwarrior665

    metalwarrior665 Well-Known Member

    Seems like Phoenix is a nautral tank/support, so hp items, regen, maybe mekka etc.
  9. LysanderXonora

    LysanderXonora Well-Known Member

    Phoenix - Treads/Phase (situational), Mekan/Urn (I like going headdress as a starting item), Refresher (team fights, really gay), and Assault. Awesome hero.
  10. Woobly

    Woobly Member

    For Tuskarr I go:
    Wand, Urn, PTs, Orchid, Deso, Manta
  11. JiggleFloyd

    JiggleFloyd Well-Known Member

    The disarm from Icarus Dive is simply too good to give up when you initiate, just using dive for escape purposes is a waste of the skill. Granted it's an amazing escape mechanism but it should be used to initiate as much as possible. Don't waste 2150 (or more in the case of Lothar's) on an item that is not needed for him. Instead put that money towards something more useful like strength items and survivability.
  12. MeePwn

    MeePwn Well-Known Member

    this. make sure you get some armor as he starts with 0 and has a neglectable agi gain.
    Basilinus early maybe. If you play agressive blademail is very useful as you can use your ultimate or heal yourself with birds after you tanked opponents with your huge HP.

    For Tuskarr I suggest
    Power Treads, random starters (magicstick/wand ; bottle ; urn ; the new Janggo or Medallion is also useful).
    Phase Boots aren't bad but make sure to not use phase after you activated your ultimate as it disables the critical strike.
    Vanguard (as his spells easily take care of his earlygame damage ouput).
    Random damage Item here. Stygian, Battlefury, Armlet.
    Utility stuffs:
    Dagger, BKB, Vladmirs etc.
    Add more damage like MKB or tanky stuffs like HoT.
  13. JiggleFloyd

    JiggleFloyd Well-Known Member

    Not HoD or any lifesteal imo, his attack speed is terrible as he has crap agi gain, similar to Doombringer. Mek/Regen/Str items are better. Even with treads his AS is pretty bad. Skadi is viable luxury.

    New Medallion works decently on him as he has a great initiation ability and is a ranged support/ganking hero.

    Shivas is another luxury option. Armor will improve his EHP considerably, plus it gives him all the mana he'll ever need. The extra slow is great when used with dive/ult and ray.
  14. JiggleFloyd

    JiggleFloyd Well-Known Member

    Dagger? He has zero need to have a dagger in order to initiate due to Snowball, which is basically a team oriented dagger. Sure, you could use it to escape like every other hero, but he already has a massive slow, and a spell that creates blocking terrain, so he already has some pseudo escape mechs. Honestly push stick would be more useful to him than a Blink Dagger.
  15. MeePwn

    MeePwn Well-Known Member

    His snowball has a 40s cooldown while Walrus Punch only has only a 14s cooldown. Beside enabling to initate more freely and quickly with dagger it also allows you to jump into a group of allys and snowball them to the targeted destination alot faster and spontaneously.
    There are a couple of heroes that are alot more versatile when they get a dagger and Tuskarr is one of them. It's not a core item on him but defenetly helpful after you got some basic equipment.
  16. Haradon

    Haradon Well-Known Member

    imo tuskarr should get an early bottle course he can have the same rune awareness as rexxar with his sigil...
    the rest has been said before
  17. Royal_Naga

    Royal_Naga Well-Known Member

    My item build for Icarus is:

    - Start with Sobi Mask, Tango, Clarity and 2 Branchs
    - Get Jaggo and Boots
    - Get Euls
    - Change boots to Travels
    - Get Mekkans


    -While in Supernova, most auras tills work (Except Radiance) Janggo still gives to your allies the speed bonus
    - Travels to get faster to the places were you need to gank
    - Euls for more ms since icarus ms is crappy, and also the Tornado have synergy with his ulti, when you escape from someone and you want to cast ulti, but not sure about if the sun will be destroyed... Cast Tornado and the Supernova.
    - Since most Auras still work the Hp still help your allies, the Heal from Mekkans have synergy with Icarus skills, since he spend a lot of his hp while casting.

    Edit: about Tuskarr there 2 ways of Build him IMO:

    In both ways I start with Phase, Jaggo and Magick Stick

    1) You can buy BKB and BF to increse the damage from you ulti and make it AoE, also items like Deso are nice with his ulti but IMO Bf is the best
    2) Jaggo have synergy with his Sigil, with not increse the ms bonus and the slow? Get Necrobook lvl 3 and Shivas guard for massive speed control.
  18. Ayekee

    Ayekee Well-Known Member

    HoD = Hood of Defiance my friend.
  19. hotSnow

    hotSnow Well-Known Member

    he guessed HotD
  20. galuf

    galuf Well-Known Member

    That Tuskar is a serious badass.

    He brings incredible new stuffs to the game imo.