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Discussion in 'Comedy' started by FlaMe, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. FlaMe

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    Trollface The Game - The Game Homepage

    I got the trick.

    Didn't dare post in RC for its guarded by Valolololo.


    A game made by Gaz
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  2. God of Death

    God of Death Well-Known Member

    I'm assuming it stops loading at some point.

    E: Lol.
  3. FlaMe

    FlaMe Moderator

    Get faster internet. Duh. Such games are heavy so long loading......its not your average moving gif game...

    E: What lol?
  4. Denki~

    Denki~ Banned

    Trollface - The Game.

    You just lost it. Trolololol

  5. Sock Rats

    Sock Rats Banned

    good one
  6. ForsakenAcolyte

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  7. J-DD

    J-DD Well-Known Member

    I got rickroll'd lol
  8. Louie!

    Louie! Banned

    I lost it.
  9. Bodge

    Bodge Well-Known Member

    I r lost...

    EDIT: I got the trick too! and I got!!!!

    I got rickroll'd.....LOL
  10. gaibo1

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  11. tech-ladan

    tech-ladan Well-Known Member

    Funny but I manage to click on start
    easier with laptop (touchpad)
    1-move mouse to side with touch pad so face will stick there
    2-now do not pick up ur finger from pad and use mouse to drive cursor on start
    3- profit?
  12. Fate Trap

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  13. J-DD

    J-DD Well-Known Member

    You know you've failed if didn't get rickroll'd
  14. Shatterdude

    Shatterdude Well-Known Member

    Inappropiate name.
  15. DoTaVaNDoTa

    DoTaVaNDoTa Banned

    i can click it ... but it show nothing tbh
  16. Kikut

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  17. amoura

    amoura Well-Known Member

    goddammit !!
  18. Sock Rats

    Sock Rats Banned

    Wat. There's not even a function set to the start button. Make sure you've clicked in the game and press tab. You'll see that there are only 2 functions and neither of them is assigned to the start "button".
  19. Rivirland

    Rivirland Well-Known Member

    Tab = win. Got it in 2 seconds (well, it took a while to load).
  20. acosta

    acosta Well-Known Member

    I used tab key to hit the button and then intro, nothing happened, as spected but I still got hit button.
    2/10 I've seen beter with much less effort and less fagotry.