Troll Warlord best item??

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by naqiu_10, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. naqiu_10

    naqiu_10 Member

    please give me some suggestion what should i buy..i'm still beginner
  2. ubic

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  3. dragonccc

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  4. naqiu_10

    naqiu_10 Member

  5. Madworld.

    Madworld. Well-Known Member

    Boot + tango > Vlad > Vanguard > SnY > Battlefury > Basher.
  6. NoThlnG

    NoThlnG Well-Known Member

    There are many kinds of builds for TW actually including the one posted above.
  7. Light~

    Light~ Well-Known Member


    My trademark Five Boots Troll. Stomps pubs like a mofo, but you can sell Tranquil Boots for a BKB in case of disables.
  8. BrunoPower

    BrunoPower Well-Known Member

    gonna try this build seems ligit aswell!
  9. HyPerJetZ

    HyPerJetZ New Member

    Boots, luthars, butterfly, cuiras, bkb, batfury killer type.....
  10. 300thecat

    300thecat Well-Known Member

    As long as you start with Boots + 2 GG Branches, you're set.
  11. CelestialRice

    CelestialRice Well-Known Member

    Phase(d2 when troll comes out) or treads (d1), domi, sange and yasha, and 3 of these 4depending on the enemy team - (bkb, butterfly, mkb, buriza)
  12. Xezko

    Xezko Well-Known Member

    Also, remember to use phaseboots before start attacking an enemy, else you won't bash.
  13. lammap28d

    lammap28d New Member

    like a boss
    this is a best item for me !!!
  14. .nom

    .nom Well-Known Member

    Lolz ill try this pro build next time i play on garena :D
  15. FightFate

    FightFate Banned

    6 Skadis is the only way to go.

    May the power of Abdulink be with you!
  16. Lapis Lazuli

    Lapis Lazuli Well-Known Member

    I never could let go of that actually.
    It just still sounds so awesome imo
  17. hydrosan

    hydrosan Well-Known Member

    dagon force staff mekanism blademail sponsored by SK Gaming best build
  18. teng)

    teng) Well-Known Member

    Phase boots, Vanguard, Diffusal, Vladmir Offering.
  19. SirIsaacNewton

    SirIsaacNewton Well-Known Member

    Phase + PMS + HoTD + Aquila is enough to solo rosh. I like to get a yasha also for the MS, but this could be replace with a lothar if you like.

    Following items should be BKB, MKB, Buriza/Hex

    You really don't need blfy if you are only fighting against melee carries because axes give 60% miss and you already have insane attack speed.

    Final item build: BoT, BKB, MKB, Satanic, Lothar/SnY, Hex/Buriza/Bfly

    You might want to sell SnY late late game because it is only 31 damage and 31 attack speed, an ageis or hex or buriza might be a better use of the item slot.
  20. sdfa

    sdfa Active Member

    treads dagger bkb skady vladimir hf