Troll item build?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Metamence, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. Metamence

    Metamence Well-Known Member

    Hi guys, i just wanted to know your troll item builds? tell me what i should change :eek::

    this is what i build in order


    and i do rosh at mid game & late

  2. PeGBoY

    PeGBoY Banned

    Vanguard, Battlefury, Vlads, S&Y, Lothar's
  3. Gustamp

    Gustamp Well-Known Member

    make a dagger and mantastyle and u kill the spell caster in 3-5s ggg
  4. MassBalance

    MassBalance Well-Known Member

    phase dominator bkb buriza
  5. blckdrgn

    blckdrgn Well-Known Member

    I'd rather have crystalys/blink over yasha but the rest of your build is pretty cookie cutter. HotD could be swapped with diffusal if you are against warlock/omni or just want a slow, also could swap with mjoll/deso for farming, pushing, or to really rape low hp heroes.

    IIRC phase screws with bash in a bad way.
  6. Cerealmaniac

    Cerealmaniac Well-Known Member

    Start with QB, Tango and Salve, and Branches.

    Usually I rush Treads because the stats are needed, then grab Mask and finish Dom. PMS can be skipped in most games unless you are being heavily harassed, then I rush BKB. After is just situational.
  7. Nooblex

    Nooblex Well-Known Member

    Sigh so much fail.

    Start with quelling for 32% damage in range form
    -If you're being harassed a lot, first item should be helm of iron will to stay in lane.
    -Phase tends to be best, since you need to be able to chase
    -Helm of the dominator
    -Orb of venom - one of the few heroes this is really good on. 12% slow in range mode and melee; essential for chasing down heroes. Stacks with life steal

    Later you can get anything you need. Butterfly, Satanic and Buriza are good choices. Manta is alright, you'll be in melee mode a lot and it's not as useful there.
  8. CelestialRice

    CelestialRice Well-Known Member

    ^ Pms should be abused on him, also phase doesnt work with bash.
  9. Shadowlurker

    Shadowlurker Banned

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    Very common Troll items.

    OT: Your build seems fine. Throw in a Quelling Blade (Melee) and switch to ranged if you're laning. I would say Phase over Treads, since the attack speed goes to waste. Try Lothar's if your team has no invisible heroes or the other team is stupid. (Highly common in pubs.)

    You can Roshan at Level 9 ~ 11, I forget, with a dominated Ogre Magi. Have the Ogre Magi use Frost Armor on you and proceed to rape Roshan. Level 11 is the safe side, Level 9 if you're buff / feeling daring.
  10. ChibiNya

    ChibiNya Well-Known Member

    It might be good to rush the PMS, Treads and then HotD starting by Helm of Iron will. Once you get any form of lifesteal your Quelling Blade becomes useless... Plus Lifesteal sorta suck early game. Helm+Pms is pretty much enough to jungle forever ^_^
  11. Lories

    Lories Well-Known Member

    about bashing phase, just use blind or ult to cancel it.. seriously, it's good on him.
  12. RIP-Midas-

    RIP-Midas- Well-Known Member

    You want troll build?

    go for tangoes,tangoes, vlads, scepter, arcane boots and don't level berserker rage

    if bought, then keep posting "troll smash" on the chat server.
  13. zxdragon12

    zxdragon12 Well-Known Member

    QB PMS Tango
    Get HotD, Yasha, and Aegis after.
    Manta Satanic Aegis Bfly Treads BKB
  14. RIP-Midas-

    RIP-Midas- Well-Known Member

    2xslippers, tangoes.

    Then PMS, Power Threads, Maelstrom, Vlads, Lothar (in that order)

    Bash is already done for you with berserker rage
  15. reignbow

    reignbow Well-Known Member

    Personally, the abuse is nice so i go 2 slippers, QB, and a branch first.
    After that it's all pretty situational: PMS,HOIW for survivability, Phase for chasing are the first two options you should go.
  16. Metamence

    Metamence Well-Known Member

  17. kawumm

    kawumm Well-Known Member

    nah too much time spent casting, use ult instead since u need to do that anyway (or just run slightly in front till phase wears off). also, blind is IMO a situational (read: bad) spell that should be at least delayed in most cases

    phase is OK, ive gone back to treads -> lothars though since the hp helps so much early on. you need to increase MS, you should rlly get domi fast, after i tend to get yasha, eventually BKB. blink can work surprisingly well (blinking onto a stunned target means almost certain permabash)
  18. iKrivetko

    iKrivetko Well-Known Member

    Works great actually
  19. s.ops_Freak

    s.ops_Freak Well-Known Member

    Once got:

    2x Wraith
    Proceed to buy 'normal' items.

    It owned.

    My regular build though:

    Lothar's Edge
  20. Symbols

    Symbols Well-Known Member

    My troll item builds?