Triggered Item Abilities

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  1. 3DM@rk

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    Items I've just updated to the latest version: Blade Mail, Bloodstone, Magic Stick/Magic Wand, Heart of Tarrasque, Ghost Scepter.
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    yay thx now I finally fully understand the new TP scroll mechanics.
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    Dose Heart of Tarrasque like Kelen's Dagger also check if the damage bigger than 2? Because i found Envenomed Weapon (2 damage/s ) from Gnoll Assassin/Doom wont disable Heart of Tarrasque or Kelen's Dagger either.
    Well, only 2 or more units use Envenomed Weapon at the same time , the Buff can disable them.
  4. SoletLuna

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    Kelen's Dagger and Heart of Tarrasque are only disabled by player based damage.
  5. kzm100138

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    of course :rambo:

    the case i mentioned is Envenomed Weapon from Doom (Devour)/ Gnoll Assassin(Holy Persuasion, Dominate, Enchant)
  6. 3DM@rk

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    Yes, I've clarified that part a little.

    The variable is used for both Dagger and HoT.
  7. DracoLich

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    /r/ etheral blad and soul ring
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    Is there no Urn of Shadows :(
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    Terrific guide, thanks for sharing.
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    I want BoT :(
  13. MauranKilom

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    I need help why Basher works the way it does.

    Theoretically, [jass] if GetRandomInt(0,100)<loc_integer01 then
    set loc_boolean04=true
    endif[/jass] could happen every time, and nothing could stop
    [jass] if loc_boolean04 then
    call UnitAddAbility(loc_unit01,'A174')
    call SaveBoolean(hashtable001,(loc_integer03),(99),(true))
    no matter what happened before with the other bools.
    But why can't we observe this? What stops the bash ability between the start of the attack and the attack hitting?
  14. EebstertheGreat

    EebstertheGreat Forum Manager

    I think there is some sort of bug with adding a bash ability between the start and end of an attack, because that's the only explanation I can think of for why it seems to be preparing the NEXT attack with these triggers.

    That is, you start an attack, it checks the random int, and if it procs then it gives the ability, but that ability doesn't have a chance to work until the next attack. On the next attack, it will remove the ability if it is on cooldown, then checks another random int for the next attack. And so on.

    If this is correct, then in order for a unit to bash, it needs to have the bash ability both at the beginning of the attack (i.e. before EVENT_UNIT_ATTACKED) and at the end of the attack (i.e. when it reaches the attack point).

    I haven't tested this myself yet, but I can't see how else that trigger would work.
  15. Tshu

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    now I have a greater understanding on how some of these items and how they may work
  16. EebstertheGreat

    EebstertheGreat Forum Manager

    It appears IceFrog simply made the bash ability permanent to fix this bug (it still gets removed next attack if it's on cooldown or doesn't proc), so now transforming won't remove it. Makes sense.
  17. chukky-jr

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    will this be updated? need a little bit of information regarding Soul Ring
  18. RIP-Croos-

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    Cranium Basher Have a Trigger??
  19. MauranKilom

    MauranKilom Well-Known Member

    Yes. A really complicated one actually. The cooldown makes a hardcoded solution impossible.
  20. chukky-jr

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    just mentioning there are no trigger for new Sange, Heaven's Halberd and Abyssal Blade yet