Casual Tree of life VS 5 heroes ,WIN

Discussion in 'DotA Replays' started by shewaxd, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. shewaxd

    shewaxd New Member

    We though were gonna lose the fight because there items are too far from us but, we WON,, watta nice game :D:mellow::mellow:

    GASHOLE Well-Known Member

    THIS wasn't even a challenge...
  3. Beesje

    Beesje Member

    Maybe some English grammar would do the trick ^,-
  4. genegis

    genegis Member

    heros / creeps / scores

    I dont see any point that they can win - - *
  5. soul.emptyz

    soul.emptyz New Member

    nice game boy...
  6. TVR.shadow

    TVR.shadow New Member

    To be honest you guys had more stable line up for late game... No surprise u've won.