Trading DotA 2 items

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Nemeee, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Nemeee

    Nemeee Member

    Got some new Ice Burst Greaves for Traxex as well as an Armor of the Radiant Crusader for Omni. Open to anything but will do an instant 1:1 of either for Tide's Excavator's Treasure or a Femur Thrasher. Also still have the 2 chests if anyone wants them for anything.
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  2. Nemeee

    Nemeee Member

    Updated with some new stuff
  3. WarBladeZ

    WarBladeZ Well-Known Member

    U got juggernaut's blade?
  4. Nemeee

    Nemeee Member

    I linked my inventory so you can see exactly what I have. I actually did have one but traded it away, sorry.
  5. Lowhunter

    Lowhunter New Member

    How do you evaluate item value? OR do you evaluate them at all?

    If you evaluate them, does it roughly go like this:

    Mythical: Rare + uncommon item
    Rare: Uncommon + common item
    Uncommon: 2x common item
    Common: 1:1 common item
  6. BattledOne

    BattledOne Well-Known Member

    I want your furion cape. I'll give you trax and jugg's bracers for it.
  7. Nemeee

    Nemeee Member

    I don't really evaluate item value at all to be honest and I hope others don't either. I don't want DotA 2 to be the next TF2 where people will create this bullshit economy and only trade to make profit. I hope people will just trade what they have for what they want.

    Sorry but I really wana keep the Furion cape :(, besides I rarely play Trax or Yurnero.
  8. Lowhunter

    Lowhunter New Member

    Alright, Thank you for your opinion ^^
  9. Nemeee

    Nemeee Member

  10. Wicked_One

    Wicked_One Active Member

    do you play much invoker? my friend has bracers he is looking to trade.
  11. kaiftw

    kaiftw Member

    Hello, Sven's Grips of the Swordmaster for your Crest of the Burning Cabal? :)
  12. ChomChom

    ChomChom New Member

    runed ailettes for chronite armor(void)?