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    Hi guys,

    I play DotA for quiet a moment now but i'm sometimes still confused about the towers' behavior. Using the search command on this forum i found a topic about it but the answers were not really clear. Here is a quote from the most intersting post:
    It seems to be the priority order of the next target.
    First of all: Is this prioritiy list correct? :p:

    Then when exactly a Tower is looking for a new target?
    From my experience i would say :
    - when the tower has no more target (no one at range, or previous is dead)
    - when a unit attacks an allied hero

    I read in the same topic that their IA is refreshed every 7 seconds. Is it right?

    Is there other cases where the tower can change its target? (for exemple when you're targeted and you attack one your allied creep, the tower change its target)

    thanks for your help ;)
  2. SenshiNoRyu

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    AFAIK hp percentages of creeps have no impact on targeting priority. When few Treants/Ghouls are attacking tower, it will randomly choose one of them as target no matter what their HP is.
    Oddly enough, sometimes when mixed group of creeps (Treants + Druid for example) attack tower, tower sometimes (but rarely) can pick Druid as next target.
  3. PapaXong

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    It will not acquire its target 'randomly', it will attack the creep which is closest. Given that there's no hero attacking it.
  4. Aravis

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    The tower makes a priority check every 7 sec or when the target is dead afaik