Toss vs channeling spells

Discussion in 'Advanced Mechanics' started by NinjaMovesPro, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. NinjaMovesPro

    NinjaMovesPro Well-Known Member

    Based on my experience, Toss does not cancel allied channeling spells

    but I don't know if toss can interrupt the channeling of enemy units.

    So, does it cancel the channeling of an enemy?
  2. Darkmeplez

    Darkmeplez Well-Known Member

    Yes, Toss pauses the unit for 1 second,

    Thus, cancels [note=Both Allied and Enemy]channeling spells[/note].

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  3. Heraklinos

    Heraklinos Well-Known Member

    How come Toss does not cancel allied channeling spells then?
  4. kzm100138

    kzm100138 Well-Known Member

    Toss cancel both enemy's and ally's channeling spell.
    There are only a few spells that change enemy's position without interruption (to heroes), they are CK's Reality Rift, Ezalor's Blinding Light, Force Staff, Pudge's Meat Hoot (to magic immune heroes and invisible heroes), Kunkka's X Marks The Spot Return (to hidden heroes).
  5. NinjaMovesPro

    NinjaMovesPro Well-Known Member

    Hey, how come toss interrupts the channeling of an ally? I've tested it before. I tossed Rhasta while he is netting an enemy unit but he wasn't interrupted! @_@

    Edit: i haven't read the 3rd comment before i posted this.
  6. Darkmeplez

    Darkmeplez Well-Known Member

    No, I just tested it.

    And the result was: Toss cancels allied Shackles.
  7. NinjaMovesPro

    NinjaMovesPro Well-Known Member

    Probably my old observations doen't work nowadays maps. gw again man.
  8. Madvillain

    Madvillain Well-Known Member

    I remember playing a Tiny+Sand King combo at some point and he could toss me into enemies while I channeled Epicenter without canceling it...

    Was a long time ago though
  9. Heraklinos

    Heraklinos Well-Known Member

    how old are the maps that you guys tested that Toss-channeling interaction then?
  10. eimeegaw

    eimeegaw Well-Known Member

    Yes it does cancel any channeling spells

    Hope that heroes w/ -disablehelp won't be tossed.. Because there are so many game spoilers that use Tiny
  11. Clogon

    Clogon Well-Known Member

    As many have stated Toss didn't always pause the unit and tossing a channeling SK/CM was quite gamebreaking.
  12. GreyPowerVan

    GreyPowerVan Well-Known Member

    toss also cancels juggernaut spin...
  13. SN0W37

    SN0W37 Well-Known Member

    It only cancels the animation and hardcoded magic immunity, whereas the damage and softcoded magic immunity will not be ended if Juggernaut is paused.
  14. EebstertheGreat

    EebstertheGreat Forum Manager

    It cancels the entire hardcoded spell, including the attack damage reduction.