Top 10 Heroes of 6.67

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    So, I was bored and I thought it would be interesting to create this thread. I will attempt to list the 10 top ten heroes of the 6.67 map based on personal experience, a bit of knowledge and statistics. All statistics are taken from the dota-league website so although they aren't exact, we can still get a general idea from them. Remember the list is also based on my personal opinion so don't worry too much if you don't totally agree with me. Also I didn't include Visage in the list. Anyways on to the list!

    1. Vengeful Spirit

    Games played: 8473
    Win %: 59.3%

    I think the stats greatly reflect on how powerful venge is. She is no doubt one of the best roamers in the game (if not the best). She has the easiest to land stun in the game and even though the duration isn't very long it can help set up other more hard to land stuns. Wave of Terror used to be amazing before the nerf, however it is still an excellent spell which can provide vision, and also the other bonuses it comes with are nice too. Her passive is great for carries and swap is perhaps the most annoying ultimate in the game. It can provide a big edge to the team if they manage to kill the swapped target before a clash starts. She requires almost no items do to what she is supposed to do in a game. All she needs is boots and maybe a wand and that's pretty much it! If she somehow manages to farm up a scepter through kills then she becomes very very powerful. And to add to that her spells don't cost a lot of mana so she can roam very effectively. Overall she is a great help to the team.

    2. Crystal Maiden

    Games played: 5780
    Win %: 57.0%

    There are a couple of reasons on why I ranked cm so high on the list. Like venge she is great for the team. Again, she is a very powerful roamer and her disables are easy to land. Her aura is simply amazing, and it works wonders if paired with heroes like bb, sniper, pl, etc. She is very item independent and she can work in a roaming/ganking or babysitter role. Just a very good hero overall.

    3. Storm Spirit

    Games played: 5907
    Win %: 50.2%

    I think the stats are a bit misleading for storm. A good storm can be extremely hard to deal with. A storm that isn't counterpicked can be very effective. Farming is easy due to your 4 sec cd nuke. Chasing is relatively easy due to your passive. Storm has an excellent disable as well. His ultimate is by far the best though, makes him very hard to kill, and makes him a great ganker/chaser.A storm with an early guinsoo or bloodstone can win the game for the team.

    4. Nerubian Assasin

    Games played: 3304
    Win %: 48.1%

    With the addition of scarabs to na's skill set he has become the strongest ganker in the game (after level 6). His scarabs provided everything which he didn't have, free scouting, an extra disable, and even some more dps that can be used to finish off the opponent. He can also be very annoying in the laning phase with his mana burn and also with his scarabs. Sure, he becomes worse later game, but if he ganks enough early game he can screw up a team very badly.

    5. Ursa Warrior

    Games played: 3676
    Win %: 59.1%

    I consider Ursa to be the best carry/semi-carry in the game. Why? First off he can pull off a ton of DPS in under 2 seconds with his Overpower/Enrage combo. Add an allied disabler in there and Ursa will have a great time killing heroes. He can rosh very quickly, and he also has an excellent time last hitting in the lane with the help of fury swipes. Once he gets his dagger/lothar he can be used as a "surprisebuttsecs" hero (like tiny). He is powerful in all stages in the game and he can still carry very well.

    6. Slithereen Guard

    Games played: 4998
    Win %: 51.6%

    Even though slardar is considered imbalanced by a lot of people I feel that he is ok. He is powerful and still a top pick though. His stun is great, the AOE is nice, the duration is good, and the slow afterwards is very nice. Sprint is nice for chasing or escaping, as not many heroes can catch you easily. Bash makes him scale better into the late game. Amplify Damage is amaing for countering invisible-dependent heroes such as gondar or riki. Once slardar has some farm he can really destroy a team if he has enough support behind him. Again one of the best semi carries/carries of the game.

    7. Priestess of the Moon

    Games played: 10121
    Win %: 52.5%

    PotM is no doubt, the most overused hero in DotA. There is good reason behind it though, she is incredibly fun to play and she can be a powerful hero in the right hands. Her high damage nuke combo makes her a very good early game ganker/killer. Starfall is a great farming skill. Elune's Arrow, although sometimes hard to land is by far the best single target stun in the game. Leap makes Mirana very hard to kill. Her ultimate has great utility, and it can be used for saving heroes or even engaging the opposing team by popping out of nowhere! You get a lot of satisfaction in playing mirana, especially if you land a lot of nice arrows. She works great as a ganker/semi carry.

    8. Tidehunter

    Games played: 7148
    Win %: 55.8%

    Tidehunter is always an amazing addition to the team. The main reason why he is chosen is because of his ultimate. It his incredibly easy to land, and unless to other team manages to burst you down in time (chances are they won't), you will be able to cast it and wreak havoc on the other team. His Gush is also great as a chasing/ganking skill and it makes him a great roamer early on. His Krakken Shell passive is very useful as it lets him cast his ultimate pretty much no matter what. His other passive is useful, but not as much but I guess there is a balance to be kept by Icefrog. He is very item independent and he is the best initiator in the game.

    9. Phantom Lancer

    Games played: 3750
    Win %: 51.6%

    Phantom Lancer is the most annoying carry in the game. He starts off rather weak but once he gets that clutch Radiance or Diffusal he becomes a monster. His lance is a powerful chasing and image creating tool. Doppelwalk is the skill that makes him very hard to kill even with dust. Later on in the game his images can be very confusing and they give him a lot of DPS. Phantom Lancer can also form some of the worst lanes, such as the dreaded kotl-pl lane. Probably the strongest late gamer if he gets his farm.

    10. Witch Doctor

    Games played: 6822
    Win %: 54.9%

    I had a hard time choosing a hero for the #10 spot but I decided to go for WD. He is incredibly powerful in the laning phase. A good WD can be very annoying and hard to deal with. His casks are great for team fights/ganks. Maledict is an awesome DoT and it is his main killing tool. His heal can be nice to the team and his ward can be a powerful damage dealer in teamfights. He is pretty item independent yet he is still effective later game (not as much as carries though).

    Well that concludes my list. Here is the TL;DR version for those of you that want it.

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    Way to pull random stats. I would like your sources and records for the number of games and win percentage please. Also, WD is definitely #1 for now.
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    Thank you for posting this but I must disagree with you. CM sucks after the introduction of soul ring. No real need for the aura which also used to be better. CM can't farm either and I have personally been forced to use my ultimate (too mana expensive, and weak) just to get some creep kills.
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    PotM and Ursa don't belong in this list. Maybe visage and doom?
    Even lancer doesn't really belong. Sven or lion should be in his place. Or SF.
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    how about reading the first paragraph
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    I'm very surprised that I don't see Kunkka up there. Then again, compared to the rest of the heroes up there, he seems rather fragile in some cases. I can't fathom as to why NA is up there. Towards end game, the only spell worth using is Mana Burn. If you're sticking to Vendetta/Dagon combo, there's only so many times to can sneak on food before it starts buying defensive items.

    Thanks for creating the thread, however. It gives us an inside about what our Dota professionals think about the new heroes, statistically speaking.
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    Good list, there are a lot of variations possible. I feel Kunkka could be up there too. A good Kunkka doesn't have to be in a position to get bashed in.
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    I'd put Doom and Visage in there if they weren't banned from CM atm. (Wait are they still banned in CM?)
  9. SirDumpling

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    Not including visage/doom/ck/alch/aa overpowered fags (not in order):
  10. wutwat

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    cell's list is better, but it lacks morphling and storm imo.
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    perhaps but again, my opinion is involved in the list

    was gonna put visage in there but decided not too since hes so op, as for doom he can be very strong but sometimes hes not that great (against certain lineups)

    Anyways instead of just commenting on my list why don't you guys also share your lists (like SirDumpling did)
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    Having Maiden on the team means you don't need to bother spending money on the soul ring in the first place. Unless your whole team intends to make a ring, then she is still useful for her aura.

    As for farming, she's a support hero. She isn't supposed to be a good farmer. And her ulti is far from weak if you can position it properly (not always easy, but very good if you can)
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    Disagree with Tide's position in the list. Heroes like NA and Storm are strong, but not on the level of ridiculousness of Tide and his ulti. His ultimate is probably the best one overall in the game, and Gush is also a great nuke/slow/-armor, and kraken shell makes him a great tank/near impossible to stop. Anchor smash lets him farm his items and do decent damage lategame as well.
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    No Pugna = joke list.
  15. SuperSheep

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    What about Alchemist is overpowered? I have been trying to get good as him for ages but I always get screwed over by his low armor and physical damage self-stun.... T_T

    As for my list its similar but I would put Tide and Doom higher up and maybe mix in some of Cells heroes.
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    What formula did you use for the rankings? Can you please post it?
  17. Jenova-

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    IMHO, if the source is going to be taken from -CD or -CM matches, the numbers of times a hero has been banned should be taken into account as well.
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    Can someone give me the link to a list of most played heroes. I heard it was somewhere on gosugamers but I can't find it :(
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    Circle of Power > Troll/Geo/BB/Undying/Techies/Pudge/PA/Morph/Huskar/TB/Invoker