[Videos] Top 10 dota melee heroes

Discussion in 'Submitted Media' started by folrin, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. folrin

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  2. Magical-Trever

    Magical-Trever Well-Known Member

    Axe better then Void Sven Tiny Spirit breaker???

    Axes counter helix does jack shit against those Heroes (Since they would normally be tanky, well not void ofc.)
  3. Ivanns

    Ivanns Well-Known Member

    I hate when people make top 10 lists about DotA because DotA has 95 heroes and it is impossible to satisfy everyone.
  4. Drugnut

    Drugnut Well-Known Member

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    lol this isnt true stryg can be pawned easy by tiny witch isnt for 10 X@
  5. Magical-Trever

    Magical-Trever Well-Known Member

    Tiny can easily rape most of these Heroes... yet hes #10
  6. melody10511

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  7. CherryKisses

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    where is pudge, clockwork, kunkka and where the fucking hell is earthshaker that are the real good heros. ur heros are just retarted noob heros who only are good for noob pubs
  8. Alfwich

    Alfwich Well-Known Member

    lol @ BS as #1. :rofl:

    Fail Video
  9. zylick

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    what the fuck is it?
  10. -Hominghead

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    Op , You know who you are, right?
  11. MHRFM

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    barathum damn pro u put him at number 9?
  12. Lockon Exos

    Lockon Exos Member

    You're joking, right?
    What happened to Kunkka, Earthshaker etc?
  13. Deathreaper23

    Deathreaper23 Well-Known Member

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    wtf??where is dark seer and ogre magi??
  14. Batuush

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    Where is TROLL WARLORD!!!
  15. mahcookie

    mahcookie Well-Known Member

    Cant wait for the 'Top 10 dota ranged heroes'

    t-d btw
  16. Andyk727

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    A lot of heroes are good, i promise, but STRYGWYR BEST?....
  17. TL-Flames

    TL-Flames Well-Known Member

    The lack of Tidehunter, Dark Seer and Kunkka is saddening. Not to mention Beastmaster, ES and Clock. Probably a couple others that i missed as well.
  18. -IncoGnitO

    -IncoGnitO Well-Known Member

    Wtf where are the other 60 heroes they are all imab.

    THis video was fail u can't show 10 melee heroes and tell that they are the best.
  19. SilverRathalos

    SilverRathalos Well-Known Member

    lol its his personal opinion...but seriously bs as #1 what the heck :mellow:
  20. New Comment

    I hate this vid what happened to pudge and clockwork.....!