Top 10 Countries where DotA is most popular?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by tubesocks, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. tubesocks

    tubesocks Well-Known Member

    Is there a list anywhere? Somewhere someone can link me?
  2. hhumas

    hhumas Well-Known Member

    Pakistan ..................
  3. csoff

    csoff Well-Known Member

  4. Guardian AngeL

    Guardian AngeL Well-Known Member

    @baconeggmaster. I'm pub player, and I noticed very very important one thing. People who have name like *pro, *killer, *master are always just noob, leavers.
  5. damN_Grave

    damN_Grave Well-Known Member

    He is the official first person to fail at using this meme.

    I can't give 10, but the US is definitely a big one. Also, China, Malaysia, Russia...
  6. -OuTBoUnD-

    -OuTBoUnD- Well-Known Member

    In China, DotA is extremely popular, the eSports and other gaming channels (g-gaming or something?) contribute to this greatly.

    He must be a pro if he has those "tags".
  7. tubesocks

    tubesocks Well-Known Member

    Mkay. How bout a list of countries where it's popular.

    LOL bacon is banned. Good.
  8. muxmux-

    muxmux- Well-Known Member

    China, Most of asia tbh. Europe and North/South america.
    Just Africa doesn't i guess.
  9. fadeheart

    fadeheart Member

    maybe Thai

    in thai youngest people I've seen him play dota is about 8 years old.
  10. StraY_WolF

    StraY_WolF Well-Known Member

    Most of south east asia countries.
  11. JTuyor

    JTuyor Well-Known Member

    The youngest Ive seen are kids who play Dota instead of Tag or Hide n Seek.

    I don't want to live in this planet anymore. :no:

    OT: I don't know about other countries, but every internet cafe here in the PH has Warcraft 3 TFT installed in 'em.
  12. dlareg

    dlareg Active Member

    I guess the pinoys because of the retardedly huge number of them lurking in sg garena rooms joining the games and lag when garena is already suck a joke.
  13. The Emanescence

    The Emanescence Well-Known Member

    I can say China and SEA countries. People here in the PH young and old play DotA as a hobby.
  14. d3mony0

    d3mony0 Member

    LMAO! only noob retards like you play garena... Most serious dota players in phil play lan so that you can bet with and trashtalk your opponent face to face...

    BADENG !!!
  15. R.B.Economy

    R.B.Economy Well-Known Member

    It's popular in Malaysia, but not really in a positive light. In Malaysia's most popular online forum, dota players are called dotards.
  16. Floryda

    Floryda Well-Known Member


    100% sure.
  17. Hemoxyte

    Hemoxyte Well-Known Member

    China, philliphine, malaysia, us, europe
  18. Yuri Bakura

    Yuri Bakura Well-Known Member

    China Malaysia Philippines ... south east top 3
  19. xitadon

    xitadon Well-Known Member

    The map is available in the following languages:

    Simplified Chinese
    Traditional Chinese
    Brazilian Portuguese

    Wouldn't be the countries of these languages, the most popular?
  20. findus

    findus Well-Known Member

    Popular as in % of population who play Dota, or popular as in # of people who play Dota?