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  1. gobbylulu

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    Gem of true sight is a great item to get. It will allow you to de-ward as well as deal with any heroes with invisibility on the fly. I would recommend getting at least one every game. On the games against a Riki or Bounty or Brood, get a gem fast. It will make your life much easier. If your gem carrier dies and you loose the gem to the enemy, get another gem.
  2. Smear

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    Whenever you teleport to a place from fountain and there are creeps or enemies nearby and you have an aoe attack or nuke etc. Be sure to skift click and use it just as the teleportation is complete. This will deal "free" damage to enemy creeps or hero and also give you all the mana back from the fountain regen wich remains for a little while after you've arrived. (This also works with bottle charges wich will fill up for 1-2 seconds after you've arrived)
  3. Revelor

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    Legion Commander "wins" his Duel against Skeleton King even though it activates Reincarnation
  4. SonicX7

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    that's because the loser of the duel is the hero that dies while under the buff There is no victor if both heroes are alive at the end of the duration
  5. Grandis

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    Support Tip of the day:

    DON'T LEAVE YOUR CARRY ALONE ON THE LANE! Your job is to support the carry. If you have to choose between your carry, or your top lane, and you DON'T choose your carry, re-evaluate your priorities outside of the game.

    2nd pro top of the day:

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    Nice Tips thank you
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    I just wanna say, thanks guys ;)
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    Carry tip of the day: if you can 1v1 against the enemy offlaner tell him to go do something useful instead of leeching ur xp, then focus on freezing the lane.
  9. deal_discerner

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    Tauren Chieftain's Echo Stomp allows you and your allies to beat the enemy up for a guaranteed 1 second, which does get immediately dispelled after the duration, with the slightest bit of damage you dealt in it.

    In layman's terms, the minimal sleep duration is 1 second.
    Hit him with a non-HP-removal damage and he will wake up nonetheless, immediately after that second of a duration.

    So, it's still irrecommended to go Radiance.

    I mean, it's great enough that this is the only manually-induced sleep that doesn't make the target invulnerable. Take Nightmare, for example. That spell was taken directly from Dreadlord's Sleep, that's why it has that 1 second of undispellable sleep slash invulnerability, retained from the ladder itself.
  10. Hyperion1O1

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    Tip of the Day: Press M+ Left Click while using Juggernaut's Blade Fury when attempting to kill. Manually controlling the movement may allow you to miss your spin damage more often than not while pressing A+Left Click is terrible.

    Tomorrow's Tip of the Day: You can Tread Switch while fading to invisibility using most invisible abilities like Shukuchi, Shadow Walk, Skeleton Walk and Shadowblade. This saves you more mana per cast.
  11. deal_discerner

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    Echo Stomp isn't a sleep. It's a close second, though, because it does virtually everything a sleep is supposed to do.
    But, it does have the initial 0.65s where you could hit him free.
    Confirmed in AM, you can stun an enemy during that 0.65s and that stun's duration will be replaced by Echo Stomp's duration. Yeah. Storm Bolt enemy team to get 5s stun that they won't wake up with.

    Imagine what just 1 tick of Expulsion would've meant.

    Pit of Malice -+ Firestorm
    Firestorm -+ Pit of Malice
    Pit Lord always has to come first in a teamfight.
  12. EnkiL.

    EnkiL. Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna take this opportunity to shove my spotlight to the floor. That good for ya, homies?

    Listen up, yo.
    Damage from creeps will NOT dispel Echo Stomp sleep.
    So, once creepwave starts to tone down, go in and ram some Ancestral Stomp down their throats, and let the creeps rip it out.

    Don't forget to split the earth under a slumbering foe!
  13. minhtus

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  14. Jiking

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    Take some time creating builds for your favorite heroes here

    This includes customization of your items and skill builds.

    You can access your builds here at the start of the game. [​IMG]
  15. toptuner

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    You made my day..........
  16. ShadowV

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    Try demo hero to look what items combinating together are the best for an hero

    I tried Slardar if it is possible in game that is neat :
    Pt>armlet>crystalys>assault cuirasse>deso>moon shard>dedealus>swallow moon shard then tarask

    Dark Seer(did in game) : phase> radiance> moon shard > blade mail if pa or ursa or huskar> deadalus > mkb > 2nd moon shard swallowed >bf or deso
  17. xiabingling

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    Never trust pudge pickers
  18. EnkiL.

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    I'm back, homies!

    THE best early-game ability you can get from Devour is from the Ghost in the Small Camp.
    Devour that sucker, and get in there and freeze-burn the other suckers like the fried snails they are!
  19. GoD_Tyr

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    You can reduce casting times of some hero spells by stopping hero spell animation right after it was cast - by pressing "S" key or just giving an another command for hero (moving, casting an another spell), thus effectively reducing casting time and giving you more time to react(Lina`s Light Strike Array for example). Sometimes even milliseconds counts!
  20. DoM

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    Constantly ping teammates if they die or make mistakes. This will cause psychological trauma and will force them to play better.