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Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by GoD_Tyr, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. obro

    obro Well-Known Member

    Mirana tip

    Every arrow not fired is an arrow missed.

    Pudge tip

    Every hook not fired is a hook missed.
  2. JaCKaSS_69

    JaCKaSS_69 Well-Known Member

    I remember back when this thread was first created in AM. It was about sharing smart tips about the game that not many knew. Then the degenerate carnival scrubs of the forums started spamming shit like "herp carry tp always" or "derp always throw a hook" and shit like that.

    -You can cast TP while using Sleight of Fist.
    -You can cast TP while using Phoenix's Dive.
    -Pandaren's Primal Split cant hurt Phoenix while in Supernova.
  3. knifeman

    knifeman Well-Known Member

    ^thats for fact of the day, in mechanics section. This is strategy.

    Tip of the day: when someone has jackass in their name, they probably have a reason.
  4. PlayRough

    PlayRough Well-Known Member

    Always eat your breakfast.
  5. shady1202

    shady1202 Well-Known Member


    Tip: Sentries doesnt always are meant to be put it open. You can place them between trees so as to prevent counter warding as well as getting true sight around mentioned area.
  6. ccwisp

    ccwisp Well-Known Member

    When you see Zeus | Furion | Specter pick, buy smoke!
  7. RadioCity

    RadioCity Well-Known Member

    As Lifestealer use Infest damage to kill enemeys, when they are about to escape.
  8. Eli_Green

    Eli_Green Well-Known Member

    As Centaur under the Ice Blast debuff you can deny yourself if the double-edge takes you under the shatter threshold.
  9. driftstar

    driftstar Well-Known Member

    protip of the day: dont buy phase/sny on heroes with max MS like clinkz

    i thought that would be a given/obvious but i have seen this way too much
  10. Rabbey

    Rabbey New Member

    Not anymore.
  11. knifeman

    knifeman Well-Known Member

    I think
  12. deal_discerner

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    It's Tip of the Day (Game Strategy) and Fact of the Day (Advanced Mechanics)
    Those are two separate threads, meant to be source of updates for the homepage, but, meh. Administrators are nearing death.
  13. Equivocal

    Equivocal Well-Known Member

    You can solo plentiful amount of level 2 ranged heroes with only 1 spiderling
  14. knifeman

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  15. DoM

    DoM Well-Known Member

    You micro the shit of that spiderling
  16. Rabbey

    Rabbey New Member

    Go test it.
  17. oopalonga

    oopalonga Well-Known Member

    This exactly.

    You'll be forced to watch the map more too. Did this in SC2 and it worked brilliantly.
  18. DoM

    DoM Well-Known Member

    I convert porn vids to mp3 then listen to it while playing. Maximum rape for the enemy:rambo:
  19. SonicX7

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  20. RadioCity

    RadioCity Well-Known Member

    Never trust pudge pickers