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  1. GoD_Tyr

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    Just as the title says.

    There are times when people need specific short information about particular aspects of Dota gameplay besides looking inside detailed guides and searching through out the forums for the right information.

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    The purpose of this topic is to write your own general advices, tips or any kind of helpful insight about anything regarding Dota. Also, people are encouraged to discuss about other people opinions, do they find them helpful or not.

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    this topic will be highly moderated, which means any sort of derailing/off-topic posts will be deleted. The main purpose of this thread is to help both new and old players, which means spreading false information goes against the principle of this discussion.

    Bring it on!
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  2. Zephirdd

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    Re: Tip of the Day

    Isn't this like "Fact of the Day"?


    Eating tangoes does not only provide extra regeneration, but it also provides juking possibilities, so if you find yourself in dager while blocked by trees, don't be afraid to eat as much as you can to juke your oponents.
  3. GoD_Tyr

    GoD_Tyr Well-Known Member

    Re: Tip of the Day

    Nah, not going so detailed into mechanical aspects of the game. Just simple helpful advices for players that`s all.

    My turn:
    Purchasing Ring of Basilus not only helps your mana regeneration, but it`s also helpful for heroes with summoning skills, where summoned creatures gain additional 3 armor from the aura.
  4. Cp6uja

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    Re: Tip of the Day

    Use groups! - Assign the group by holding CTRL + # (where # is the number from 0 to 9).

    Example: Hero should be 1, Circle of Power should be 2, Chicken should be 3.

    Call the group by pressing the number on the keyboard. Center on the group by double pressing the number.
  5. Moonshine

    Moonshine Well-Known Member

    Do not complete Bracers, Nulls, or Wraiths with your early money. Try to fill up all the slots with cheap components.
  6. doppelpils

    doppelpils Well-Known Member

    If you want to lasthit a creep that overlaps with a Ballista or Meat Wagon (siege units) and you can't directly click on it, use attack move (choose "attack" and click behind siege unit + creep). Normal creeps are higher in priority than siege units, thus you'll be able to lasthit the creep eventhough you can't click on it.


    Use Shift and create action queues to save time. You can use everything that can be targeted with shift, f.e. eat tangos, pick up or bottle runes, hex/eul, blink... this is especially usefull with items, since they have no casting time and there will be no delay between your actions.
  7. Zephirdd

    Zephirdd Well-Known Member

    Since Tyr told about RoB...

    Purchasing Ring of Basillius only for the mana regen, and only for your self, could be a bad thing. If you got more than 31 intelligence(items+stats), you will regenerate more mana with the Sobi Mask alone.
  8. DaemonLasher

    DaemonLasher Well-Known Member

    Knowing when to let a tower fall instead of protecting it is key to your survival. If you see a group of 5 people pushing and your on your own, Don't complain if you die; It was nigh time you got out of there. You may choose to risk yourself denying and dieing, but that's a risk you take.

    Denying towers is the equivalent of denying 500+ gold
    Worth one death? Sure. But only if you can pull it off and you don't lose to much yourself.
  9. Manta

    Manta Well-Known Member

    When you purchase RoB, turn it into Heroes-only aura to prevent pushing.
  10. DaemonLasher

    DaemonLasher Well-Known Member

    Many ultimates go through magic immunity. Damage is usually never applied, but disables are (IE: Dismember, Primal Roar). Before running away from a repelled hero or giving up chase, figure out if your ult will do any good.
  11. BorisPeace-

    BorisPeace- Well-Known Member

    Zzzz Venge's ulti no longer goes through Linken's. I loved it when Linken's would block the ministun and swapping goes to effect -.-
  12. TheAmerican

    TheAmerican Well-Known Member

    Pay attention to when you get Charges on Stick/Wand. It can alert you to the presence of an enemy waiting in the shadows to attack.
  13. DaemonLasher

    DaemonLasher Well-Known Member

    Nerubian Assassin is not a carry.
  14. Morbius

    Morbius Well-Known Member

    Don't underestimate GG Branches! They are the most cost effective stat items in the game by a long shot!

    Also, I'm to lazy to find an already written version, but triple pulling creeps with the use of QB. Maybe someone else will find it?
  15. Xkyou

    Xkyou Well-Known Member

    I lol'd.

    On Topic : Get a quelling blade on carry melee heroes (melee ONLY, excluding Ursa). Carry as in you need every CS you can possibly get.
  16. MonkeyEx

    MonkeyEx Well-Known Member

    dps from Burning Spear does not cancel Healing Salve or Empty Bottle
    so, salve is okay when u are against huskar...but not when u r attacked..

    activating pipe not only blocks 400 damage, but if there is an AoE skill that deals more than 400 damage, it will block all of the skill's damage...if 5 ppl got the Barrier and Raigor echoed u, the echo deals 0 damage
  17. ev00l

    ev00l New Member

    Don't buy boots as first item.
  18. InNeedOfFreedom

    InNeedOfFreedom Well-Known Member

    never have a 5 man carry in 1 team
    note! to new player
  19. leeoku

    leeoku Well-Known Member

    tango breaks curse of silent
  20. Shizzy

    Shizzy Well-Known Member

    When you have multiple units selected (such as meepo) you can use TAB to cycle through them.