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Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by 300thecat, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. 300thecat

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    Okay, firstly I admit I never played Tinker in my life. He felt mechanical (pun intended) in both playstyle and his overall feel. I learned to hate him also because he drags games so badly back during the ricing era and I swore to myself to stay clear of playing him.

    But I'm gonna play him now cos I'm bored.

    1. I go Lazors/Rocket/Lazors/Rocket/Rocket/Lazors/Rocket/Lazors because Lazors will be my harassment tool early in lane. Am I doing it right?

    2. The hero should afk-farm his lane till BoT unless the opportunity presents itself and I gank the side-lanes. Am I doing it right?

    3. Bottle --> BoT --> Soul Ring or Bottle --> Soul Ring --> BoT?

    4. What extensions after the above items?

    5. General playstyle: Push lanes or gank more often?

    6. His Rocket range is roughly my screen width or a lot more?

  2. xRdR

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    1. It's a stable build. But you really should build according to the sitution. Sometimes you get rearm on level 6 if you managed to get bot early on. Or skill MotM.
    2. No. If you are solo mid - you control the runes. If you have the right rune it's mandatory for tinker to go to sidelane for a kill.
    3. Depending on your lane success. Usually it's bottle-BoT-sr. But you never know how your laning would go.
    4. Here you must decide if you want to grab all the gold on the map for yourself hurting your teammates or you'll be fine as a support. If you want the gold - go for guinsoo, bkb, shiva, manta. If you want to support - any support item that may come handy in teamclashes - forcestaffs, euls...
    5. You choose it yourself. But I highly recommend avoiding blind tp-pushing. It hurts your own team.
    6. Idk your resolution :D
  3. lixiaolu

    lixiaolu Well-Known Member

    1. Its ok. But i normally max laser 1st.
    2. First you need to ensure yr lane dominance first.. Then Rune control.. Check the other lane situation if there are gank opportunity.. Never-ever leave mid free farm too long..
    3. Bottle -> Soul Ring first.. and get some tps.. No point having Bot so early unless u want to be greedy and tp farm anywhere tat is safe.. With soul ring u can laser rocket refresh laser rocket.. without... laser rocket refresh.. mp dried..
    4. Dagon / Shiva / Guinsoo / Linkens / Ghost Scepter.. Depend situation..
    5. Whatever.. But mostly is ensuring lane dominance with refresh rocket.. Force the enemy home / Buy more and more consumables.. yr team gold > enemy team gold..
  4. Silly_Putty

    Silly_Putty Well-Known Member

    1. Skill Laser over Missile even against a dual lane; it does significantly more damage to one target for less mana. You're more likely to be picking off one person than going for early double kills.

    2. Make sure you're checking for runes. If you spot an opportunity for an easy kill then go for it, but priority #1 is getting your travels quickly. If you aren't sure you can get a kill, just go back mid.

    3. BoT before soul ring always.

    4. You can extend into almost anything depending on the situation. I usually go for shivas then guinsoo/bkb depending on lineup. If you're doing really well early and the other team isn't terribly tanky, a dagger/dagon extension can snowball hard. Beyond that, I'll make any of linkens, manta, skadi, ghost/EB. Personally I have no idea why people like force staff on this hero, dagger works much better for positioning and mobility.

    5. Gank when the opportunity presents itself. You can push/farm very quickly so don't worry about missing some creeps to help in a gank or teamfight. When pushing lanes just make sure you have obs up so you don't get killed upon porting in. Don't worry too much about taking farm, chances are you use it better anyways and if you have a dps hero who really needs gold they can have free farm in the jungle while the other team is scrambling to stop your pushes.

    6. Rocket is 2500 range, so probably larger than your screen.
  5. DucK-

    DucK- Well-Known Member

    1 cute annoying thing you could do is TP into a lane, Rocket-Rearm-Rocket-Rearm-Rocket. Then TP back.

    If I'm serious, I would get Shivas first most of the time. However, I find myself getting Blink -> Dagon these days.
  6. 300thecat

    300thecat Well-Known Member

    The thing that bugs me most about farming up BoT in lane is that I feel completely useless to my team early on, even more so with two really, really powerful early game skills.

    Another question

    7. When it comes to March of the Machines, do I cast it perpendicular to the creepwave, parallel, or one of each? Does it affect buildings?
  7. ralts_9

    ralts_9 Member

    Sorry to steal your thread, OP, but I've a question as well.

    Kinda new to the game (Dota2) and I wonder how do you guys bottle-crow effectively? Do you select your courier --> send it to your hero --> transfer your bottle --> send courier to fountain --> send it back to your hero? If so, what do you do when your allies keep hogging the courier?
  8. sultanofhyd

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    You can't bottle crow in DotA 2 since the crow is shared to allies by default. In DotA 1 you just don't give the control to allies if you want to bottle crow.
  9. ThnderSquirrel

    ThnderSquirrel Well-Known Member

    Aim it diagonally going backwards. Gives enemy heroes the least warning, and the ranged creep shouldn't block the machines from hitting the melee creeps.
  10. -Groove.Mike-

    -Groove.Mike- Well-Known Member

    Actually you're wrong, you can select which heroes you're sharing to, sharing to all by default.
  11. sultanofhyd

    sultanofhyd Well-Known Member

    I didn't know that, I don't play Dota 2 very much as my friends dont have a key, thanks for letting me know.
  12. KarmaKarma

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    Use them, then. Tinker is like Nevermore in a sense - you have to get the sidelane kills to get your game going fast enough, and you are really good at it. If you stay passive, you're a sitting duck and can only pray that the opponent isn't being more proactive.
  13. Person.Boi

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    Tinker is both an extremely mobile ganker (BoT and dagger and hex) and also an extremely effective pusher. The thing is to do well in early game. As the post above me says, Tinker is like Nevermore in the sense that he will either bring your team to win or feed like a retarded goblin.

    1. You should max laser first over rocket, as it is pure damage while rocket is magical.
    (so laser/rocket/laser/rocket/laser/rocket/laser/rocket)
    2. Yes, getting BoT is your main priority, as it gives you much more freedom and
    shitloads of mobility. However, if u feel that ganking early = easy kill then go for it.
    3. ALWAYS BoT before soul ring because getting BoT first means your soulring should come within a few minutes after, but not vice versa.
    4. If there is a gay Lion on the other team, or someone of the equal gay rank, get hex first and hex rearm hex rearm etc that fag. Other wise you can still rush hex or get shivas for better pushing and survivability. Or get dagger > dagon for ganking
    5. Both. If you get dagon dagger you can gank extremely effectively as they cant run away from you.
    6. its about the width of your screen, play more and you get used to it.

    Read this extremely concise but awesome guide on tinker:
  14. 300thecat

    300thecat Well-Known Member

    ^Great link. Not all that concise, but very straight-to-the-point. Thanks ya.