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    You do know that making a forum click on a Youtube link that shows something that you could have shown on the forum is one of the seven deadly sins.
  3. beetin

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    Also, No.
  4. Pwntlolz

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    nulls before BoT? not recommended
    Yasha before hex on a hero that rarely runs around the map and rarely autoattacks? not recommended
    blink when you aren't good at it? not recommended
    Manta before hex? (enjoy not killing things and being useless in fights) not recommended
    if youre going to make EB just buy the GS and make a dagon first
  5. Xstorm999

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    why keep bottle? Turn it into a SR.
    Good build would be: Travels,Guinsoo,Manta,Etheral,Dagon,Dagger/Shiva/Orchid whatever you want.
  6. Clear

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    no, just no.
  7. Nuro01

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    BoT => Hex => End Of The Game
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    jajaja /\, tha'ts right!
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  10. Campinz

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    Bro this is not showing items which should be made one after another it's a view of what tinker's build should look like I get for tinker a bottle,boots of travel,null,hex get rid of that null get a dagger and a yasha make that into a manta basically.
  11. YoTengoUnLCD

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    A video showing a wrong itembuild without giving any reasoning/help to the viewer, seems legit.
  12. Pwntlolz

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    this build isn't in order?
    then why is it in a fucking order in the video
  13. beetin

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    Also shiva is almost always a better first luxury over hex. Something about adding 400 aoe damage to team fights mid game and flash farming.....
  14. Pwntlolz

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    it's funny because he thinks Shiva does 400 damage
  15. Tipao

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    It´s convenient to get Null instead of Ring?
  16. darewin

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    Why do you need null? Tinker can go well with nothing but bottle and just go straight for BoT. Delaying your BoT with near 500 gold does not seem to be a good idea.
  17. YoTengoUnLCD

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    I'm pretty sure he said 400dmg because you'll use it a minimum of 2 times per teamfight.

    Only if getting dagon, in which case you would still get the soul ring.
  18. Pwntlolz

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    right, so we should define hex as being an 8 second disable
    which is significantly better than that 300 damage
  19. YoTengoUnLCD

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    Exactly. Btw, I was just clarifying that, not saying it was right :p.
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