TimeLOCK is Recruiting SEA Players Only !

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Skytel, Apr 18, 2012.

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    TimeLock Clan is founded by Alvin"Skytel"Wong just recently in 2012 . It's gaming platform is DotA 2 only. And currently searching for players with Passion to play in MM/CM SEA Region and further Goals in future."

    1. Hard Carry
    2. Support
    3. Semi Carry
    4. Initiator
    5. Jungler


    "copy and paste it"
    • Name:
    • Steam ID:
    • DotA 2 IGN: [Sample:Noob123]
    • Roles:
    • Win/Lose Rate:[ SAMPLE: 100/85]
    • Skype: [ For Communication]


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    bring up! :p
  4. Typhox

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    Can you tell us, if your participating in tournaments, and are very often playing together?
    I'm myself looking for a clan, where we could actually play several hours a week (/day) together (weekends prefered). The experience I made with clans so far is that they were pretty much useless for me, because we almost never got to team up with 5 players, let alone inhouse games (or cw's) ...
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    @Typhox yes we will have CW, I'm very active in this clan , i do play several hours/day :) But for members we are still searching. If your interested please add my
    Steam : Skytelalvin . Thanks!
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    "No group or player records were found matching your search terms."
    Can you post a link to your steam profile?
    Edit: Okay, nevermind, found you finally^^
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  7. forthenoodz

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    don't mind joining just to test the waters, but my account has only 100+.

    but i have 2 accounts though both with 100+ wins (if it matters that much to you.....)
  8. Skytel

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    @forthenoodz People with above 100win have better understanding to the game. :) add me up. STEAM: Skytelalvin
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  10. Kidfalcon

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    I dont know if i'm late or you guys are full,
    My name is shreyank, i'm 16 years old. I've been playing dota since 2 years, I got dota 2 like few weeks ago and playing like 100 hours of dota, I would say i have improved a lot, I would consider me a very good player. I can play proper full fledged support with various heros and the occational carrys and gankers aswell.
    I have a proper mic and very thing, I am a very serious gamer.
    I am a proffesional gamer in css, i represent my country's best css team(India)
    We've won various national tournaments, Coming from that background.
    I have the dedicated game sense and logistics which is required for dota 2.

    My weakness: I haven't been in a professional dota/ dota 2 clan before, I have played the occational CM mode, but i haven't practised it that often.

    My steam is Kidfalcon_Pro.
    My skype is Kidfalcon4.
    I repeat, i do meet all of your requirments.

    P.S:- I don't have that many wins because i haven't have had dota 2 for that long, But i play 3-4 hours everyday. I am a very dedicated player.
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