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Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by -Deuce-, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. -Deuce-

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    What would be advisable to get for Thrall? I'm planning to play this hero soon, as I haven't started playing the new heroes in 6.68.
  2. Skaloon

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    as suport hero - nothing. just a tread or arcane boots, some bracers, maybe urn (you could get meka if you get some gold early on) - wards, dusts - anything your team needs. if you get a lot of gold some how - make guinso.
  3. tkoz

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    euls, trap, ult, nuke :)
  4. hahaz09

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  5. Varuka

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    Wow, some disappointing posts here.

    This, mostly. Euls or Forcestaff are also good if you have some gold, but not enough for Guinsoo. I like forcestaff, as you can pull an enemy towards your team, drop a kinetic field, and glimpse them if they try to get away.

    Do you mean me, or the suggestion for Radiance?
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    the radiance guy ofc... that just doesn't make sense -_-... a support should try to avoid focus not enhance it.

    He has nuking/ganking potential... I can see him casting kinetic as a initiating move too.
  8. fill-in-name

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    does he really need a build? he's pretty crazy imo. Get support items, some mana regen if you're a spammer like me, and you're good to go.
  9. doomed2die

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    Arcane and bracers and Urn of Shadows: Core. Why? Because survive+mana+mana for team+Int+some damage

    Eul's and Mek: Next. Why? Because, kinetic+Eul's is just awesome. And mek is a good support item. Eul's helps people survive and MS

    Guinsoo, Shiva's, Orchid: Good late game int items (orchid is NOT for dps) that slow down/disable your opponents and deal some useful effects.

    Force Staff: pretty funny actually but there are some issues :p