this is the last dota2 patch...

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by illiterate, May 9, 2012.

  1. illiterate

    illiterate Well-Known Member

    before the 3rd of a certain devilish game is coming out. we'll just reference it as "D3" for short.

    my dota2 usage is about to take a hit. crossing my fingers for a good hero this update.
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  3. illiterate

    illiterate Well-Known Member

    i'm here to help.
  4. nerdly

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  5. Sentry_ward

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    I'll be playing torchlight 2
  6. Sven2k

    Sven2k Moderator

    You won't play Dota2 as much when Diablo3 comes out, good for you. This belongs in a blog...
  7. illiterate

    illiterate Well-Known Member

    what do you want to know more about?

    i'm here to help.

    you ok?
  8. Frost

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  9. zeruuwind

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    I'm sure that Dendi's going to play more D3 than Dota2 for a couple weeks.

    Let's just be reasonable: it's D3.
  10. illiterate

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  11. LittleEmp

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    This. I have no interest in World of Diablo or any future blizzard games, I don't agree with the way blizzard is handling their franchises or the market they are catering to now with their games.
  12. vvjacobo

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    I decided to not buy d3 since they said valve coudn't own Dota2. WTF just talking about it pisses me off again, wtf they did to bump dota when they could? FU BLIZZARD
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  13. hideinlight

    hideinlight Well-Known Member

    Has anyone ever bothered to ask, how long will Diablo3 really last you? You complete the campaign a few times, then what?
  14. illiterate

    illiterate Well-Known Member

    then dota2.
  15. Semi-Formal

    Semi-Formal Well-Known Member

    So many blog posts nowadays.
  16. Dwarrior92

    Dwarrior92 Well-Known Member

    D3, not something i will be playing nor buying, waste of time, liked diablo2 although but so much hype on d3 and so long to release it.
  17. Frost

    Frost Well-Known Member

    Then you pvp.
  18. illiterate

    illiterate Well-Known Member

  19. Nevfigalo

    Nevfigalo Well-Known Member

    You will destroy some trees and thrones, then what?

    Some weeks ago I had hope to see 6.75 before D3.
  20. joaovcc

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    Nothing to see here.