This is Final Fantasy

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    Yep, that's how the "creative" people work at Valve making the hero models.
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    I approve of this Final Fantasy thread. I've never even played the game!

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    posting in a ff thred
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    It's Kimahri Ronso from FFX that wield lances and can copy himself. That's the idea the original PL was made in WC3 and Valve has nothing to do with it.
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    oh noes, heaven forbid that valve have a similar character model in dota 2 to the dota 1 version. Its like the dota 1 hero is a total custom rip of some hero, which if people didn't already notice, is only 1 of the people listed in the picture linked above.

    Cuz ya know, if people were unobservant idiots, or something, they might think you were implying that the entire cast of FFX were being imported/ripped/copied instead of a single hero. But hey, lancer is a recent addition to the game right? It's not like he's been around for say seven years or something?

    Oh, and while we're at it: zomg
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    Shh. The internet tough guys might get nervous if they find out that something nerdy like anime was in DotA!
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    I see Veigar, Shaco, and one those Blood Elf ground mounts from BC
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    I didn't say anything bad about people like the series; I said I don't care about it, nor do I see the relevance to it's comparison to Dota 2, which (as far as I know), only has one inspired character
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    omg treant is bulbasaur
  11. Well im sure multiple artist get their ideas from other artist their inspired by. Big deal if its final fantasy. ff10 was literally THE SHIT
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    Yeah, from time to time PD needs this kind of threads, we need a break about all those "Omg "X" hero is OP" "My team is awful" "My carry quited the game" "Valve work more pls" threads.
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    The absence of pointless threads does not imply a necessity for them
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    Enigma is Slenderman stolen from Skrillex.
    Storm is Raiden stolen from Mortal Kombat.
    Jugger is Jigsaw from Saw.
    SF is Enderman from Minecraft.
    KotL is Gandalf from LotR.
    Brood is Aragog from Harry Potter.
    Riki is the Satyr from Dragon Quest 8.
    Puck is Water Dragon from Chrono Cross.

    Oh main, slow the freak down a lil' bit.
  15. Merubin

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    PL is based on Kimahri and FFX is a great game.
  16. enjoidank

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    certain heroes were made with that inspiration by the developer icefrog. this was back in dota 1
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    You understand the friday night threads when you get home drunk and wasted
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    actually....Phantom lancer's original dota 1 model was based on kimari (the blue dude with a lance) a final Fantasy X character

    and there other things that make reference to the Final Fantasy series in Dota, for example, Juggernaut's ultimate,omnislash, is based on clouds ultimate limit break by the same name:


    then there is Shiva's guard, you could argue the items just carries the name of the Hindu goddess, but, the only place she's portrayed as an ice wielding entity, is in the Final fantasy Series :

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    Just because you're playing dota 2 doesn't mean you should look down to people who play final fantasy too. Many dota players play console rpg games as well.

    And this is one of the best final fantasy games.
  20. Bodge

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    Wow, how come I didn't notice this?!?!? :shock:


    FFVI is the best because of Kefka's maniac laugh.