This greasy fat fuck serious?

Discussion in 'Competitive Chat' started by Mr. BoB, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. Mr. BoB

    Mr. BoB Well-Known Member


    What a fucking joke.
  2. MWaser

    MWaser Well-Known Member

    indeed, that's far from the saddest thing on reddit
  3. JJE92

    JJE92 Moderator

    Does anyone still take anything that ixmike says on twitter seriously? Everything he says there is usually trolling just to trigger people.
  4. TheGraveOne

    TheGraveOne Well-Known Member

    I thought PD generally feels the same on that sentiment, atleast each time a new patch is released.
  5. Z01d

    Z01d Well-Known Member

    Mike going for the PD crowd.
  6. Nicolas_Cage

    Nicolas_Cage Well-Known Member

    I thought it's our job to trash talk about dota?
  7. DrFrank_

    DrFrank_ Well-Known Member

    I aspire to be this human being when I wake up every morning.
  8. RisaStoleMyHart

    RisaStoleMyHart Well-Known Member

    He's just trolling. Remember when he was posting photos on Reddit of him and various pro player's mothers? It's been his persona for the last year or more, ever since he became irrelevant.

    No need for pitchforks
  9. Eli_Green

    Eli_Green Well-Known Member

    General concensus on PD is that IF has no idea wtf he's doing tho.
  10. BetaKey

    BetaKey Well-Known Member

  11. DrFrank_

    DrFrank_ Well-Known Member

    Former comp DotA player, mustache enthusiast and the greatest personality in DotA history ever short of le Frog himself.
  12. Hyperion1O1

    Hyperion1O1 Well-Known Member

    Revert the economy changes
  13. Jolk

    Jolk Well-Known Member

    That would imply that he was relevant some time ago.
    His teams were the cause why NA DOTA is seen so bad
  14. manchild

    manchild Well-Known Member

    Are you implying that he has?
  15. wizardhorse

    wizardhorse Well-Known Member

    ixmike one of the few offlane only players in dota who reached nearly 7k mmr. what's hilarious is he plays insanely aggro in lane and usually feeds 0-3 cause of it.

    Then mounts a comeback, so either he stomps the offlane or feeds and makes up for it super well. He also knows exactly what to pick to win to. Too bad hes stream is hella boring with country music and shit talking people in hes chat.
  16. Mr. BoB

    Mr. BoB Well-Known Member