The Story and History of Warcraft!!!!!!

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    DotA players would not be interested in this but guys just take a is the link for an e-book which tells about warcraft and how it all began.....after all if this story was not there warcraft would not have been there and if no warcraft had been there then how would we all play DotA

    WoW -> Info -> Story -> Chapter 1
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    Well, it's history of Warcraft, basically a fiction. It's partly reflected in Warcraft campaigns.
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    lol @ the amount of hits this thread got before it got moved
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    Most of it actually could be found on RoC disc.
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    Yea RoC.

    But there's still a lot more to the story before RoC
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    No, I meant the manual on the RoC CD. You may read it all there.