The rise of Na'Vi

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    Always wonder about teams that disband or just change after doing so well. You would expect that being able to win/2nd at TI means that you actually like each other and have good chemistry. I want to know the reasons man. But I heard something that it might be that Resolut1on has Visa stuff? That would be a real shame, Visa shit screwing someone for no reason who has shown that he actually works and hey, brings money to the US.

    Man I hate the OG changes, and even though I am not w33 fan I would be very happy if they did that since those two have been doing so well.
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    DC is an American team but most of it's players are European. In this case of disband (if it happens) then it's because the players feel homesick.
    Moon, Miracle- and Cr1t are out of OG, so it'd be a good chance that Misery and W33 can replace them.
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    Yeah that makes sense but then I would kind of think they just move to EU and stay together. But we will never know all the reasons behind the scenes.
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    Thats weird. I don't see how this team can improve, they literally play the same dota every game.
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    Trust in the frog. Surprise Na"Vi meta is just behind the corner.
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    lord gaben will save navi until dondo resignation
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    I saw a post TI6 video by PPD where he said they learned a bunch of ideas from the Na'Vi style at Starladder which they used to great success. Man I would be sad if that happened to my team.

    I don't really think Na'Vi underperformed that much. I mean compare them to some other teams. But maybe that is because I didn't expect anything better than top 8 at best.
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    I mean you didn't need a video for that, it was very loud and clear with how they picked at TI. Way more wisp, some chen, and a lot more lane domination/teamfight with void and mirana.

    Regardless, this goes onto my point of teams that can quickly adapt to patches can look strong and just win games off draft.

    Liquid is a good example. Not a very strong team overall but patches coming out right before tournaments (which happened often with majors) benefited them greatly. While slower to adapt teams like EG need to take several weeks or some tournament losses to gain traction on the meta.

    This is why it was obvious that NaVi were going to fall flat on their face at TI. You can't just pick the same stuff every game and expect to win forever. EG wasn't the only team that picked up what they did at Starladder, all it took for the others was a realization and some practice and they easily outperformed NaVi.
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    Na Vi disbanded and the thread s not even bumped?
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    Why do you think they disbanded?!? They've even announced that they're going to keep the exact same roster.
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    are you thinking of some other team?