The rise of Na'Vi

Discussion in 'Competitive Chat' started by VittuLima, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. Nicolas_Cage

    Nicolas_Cage Well-Known Member

    Liquid vs Na'vi, who will bite the dust?
  2. GoD_Tyr

    GoD_Tyr Well-Known Member

    Probably NaVi, but on the other hand, if they can hope to beat Liquid, it is now. They lost too many matches against them in recent past and they had the time to figure out how to win I hope. Realistically, they are more disciplined team than NaVi, but I guess that the draft will win this one game. Also, NaVi were never good on 1 elimination matches so everything goes in favor for Liquid.
  3. 2ez4dondi

    2ez4dondi Well-Known Member

    Normally liquid should win, but I'm certain they're on big tilt right now, so it's anyone's game to throw.
  4. Max_LKC

    Max_LKC Well-Known Member

    It's just TI 6 guys, Navi don't care, so they were just experimenting. They are aiming for TI 7 where the prize pool is bigger guys :cat:
  5. MorDorMaNiaC

    MorDorMaNiaC Well-Known Member

    Well that was the expected result.
  6. justsightseeing

    justsightseeing Well-Known Member

    :no: not like this
  7. HyP-

    HyP- Well-Known Member

    Last place at TI, again, such a legendary team... I feel bad for NaVi, I really do, but at the same time I'm glad we won't have to endure vittulima bullshit for at least 3-6 months.

  8. InThoX

    InThoX Well-Known Member

    well thats that i guess
  9. justsightseeing

    justsightseeing Well-Known Member

    the best thing that would vittulima said now is that navi got unlucky that they meet liquid in such early phase.. vittu actually said that navi would lose against OG / liquid IIRC.
    but placed in the lower bracket is also a bad achievement for them so there's there..
  10. 2ez4dondi

    2ez4dondi Well-Known Member

    So Navi joins other crap teams like Secret in the last place, what an achievement.
  11. RandomFlamer

    RandomFlamer Well-Known Member

    They simply cant win with this team against OG/Liquid no matter what they do. General will surely get kicked for being a choker and probably replaced by yoky. Dunno about the rest, Artstyle back to coaching I guess.
  12. MWaser

    MWaser Well-Known Member

    See guys, now you can safely trash Na'Vi all you want since there's no more chance for comeback. Let's go back to talking about how they didn't deserve direct invite.
  13. RandomFlamer

    RandomFlamer Well-Known Member

    They are the only direct invite to finish @ the last place.

    So yea, you can say that they are the least deserving direct invite.
  14. Xarias

    Xarias Active Member

    I would like to hear VittuLimas explanation for this completely unexpected ( kappa ) result of Na'Vi on TI 6. Because he has always an explanation for a loss.
  15. wellengang

    wellengang Well-Known Member

    it really feels good to see them get rekt so early. even more so after they recieved their direct invite. that was a massive mistake by valve and we can clearly see why.
  16. 2ez4dondi

    2ez4dondi Well-Known Member

    Direct invite LUL

    But yeah in all serousness, out of all the last 4 Navi were the only direct invite boys. At least VG.R are a qualifier team, secret is an open qualifier team and escape fought through wildcard. But Navi directly invited and playing like Escape gaming? Hah.
  17. BigBadBossDk

    BigBadBossDk Well-Known Member

    I really hope the team stays together. They may have gotten the same placement as last year but the last year lineup seemed like a bunch of old washed up players trying to make a one last run and got wrecked left and right.

    This year lineup is full of young talents and potentials
  18. RandomFlamer

    RandomFlamer Well-Known Member

    I don't see any growth there, they played against Liquid in exactly the same way they played months ago. Unless they are satisfied with being a tier 2 they should make changes.
  19. InThoX

    InThoX Well-Known Member

    Vittu we are all waiting for ur response and we also all know that ur reading the posts. If u Do Not deliver some Kind of response now ull be probably considered the biggest nut case in history of PD. Save urself breh
  20. SpiritBaker

    SpiritBaker Well-Known Member

    I dont want to :cat: prematurely, but do archive this one in the improbable case that NaVi does win TI 7 (which could happen if the teams reshuffle a lot, dont get me wrong)