The rise of Na'Vi

Discussion in 'Competitive Chat' started by VittuLima, Jan 11, 2015.

  1. VittuLima

    VittuLima Well-Known Member

    So Na'Vi going to china confirmed. Hope they win the last games tho so they don't have to risk wildcard. I think they have really good chances since they are looking strong again. Dondo showing why he is still the best player in the world. Even Hovost is playing out of his mind.

    Na'Vi definitely stronger than EG's new trash team now. Secrets new line up is still mystery, but i think new Na'Vi can take them since they lost their best player(Notail) and gained trashteezy. Na'vi Maybe top3 eu? Well future will show. Maybe they win the whole DAC. GO NA'VI!!
  2. ark-eXodia

    ark-eXodia Well-Known Member

    as far as i can see, navi do well but who knows, many chinese monster waiting them there.
  3. Petique

    Petique Well-Known Member

    Hold your horses, Navi lost to PR in a bo3 two days ago remember? And from seeing how the rangers play they very well might repeat their success, because let's face a cold fact here Navi is no longer the team we know, they are much weaker and even more inconsistent.
    Also the fanboyism is quite strong with op.
  4. BigBadBossDk

    BigBadBossDk Well-Known Member

    calm the fuck down, we haven't seen Secret in action and they have a really solid line up on paper and China is pretty much on a whole new level. NewBee won ECL by and crushed China and they weren't even practicing while Vici also won the lost international LAN.

    Na'vi are still a tier 2
  5. GoD_Tyr

    GoD_Tyr Well-Known Member

    Still tier 2, need to prove they can be consistent in their plays. I honestly think they need to stick this team together and find the teamplay.

    Also, XBOX was really good, I mean I was surprised. Hes sure dumb and dies quite alot, but his farming is top notch and I admit he has balls of steel.
  6. Petique

    Petique Well-Known Member

    Lol Navi just used a chrono, death ward, finger and omnislash on a morphling illusion hahaha top fail of the year already.
  7. VittuLima

    VittuLima Well-Known Member

    It happens, they were probably still half a sleep. They are raping PR now tho. XBOX too stronk :cat:

    XBOX 20k net worth, gyro 10k. God of farm :D :D

  8. drinkALLthemilk

    drinkALLthemilk Competitive Staff

    That 5-man RP. WOW.

    EDIT: Na`Vi are still a T2 team. They're my favourite team, but I can admit that. They have a long ways to go before they get back on top. They SHOULD be able to beat Hellraisers and get into the Main Event at DAC, but...we'll have to see.

    WUUSTER Well-Known Member

    I'm a Na'Vi fan but even I gotta admit this fanboyism is kinda disturbing

    Beating Alliance isn't nearly the achievement it once was
  10. VittuLima

    VittuLima Well-Known Member

    that was NOT tier2 rp! :)
  11. cairnebloodhoof

    cairnebloodhoof Well-Known Member

    I admit that dump-all-your-stuff-on-dusa-and-add-2-ultis lineup's sick when uncountered
  12. drinkALLthemilk

    drinkALLthemilk Competitive Staff

    Dendi is still a T1 player. Hell, he's arguably currently the best mid in the world right now (definitely the best mid in the West). It's just that his team is dragging behind a bit.

    XBOCT is finally starting to pick his game up a bit, he's been performing great lately. Not really many bad things to say. Maybe just a few decision-making errors here and there, but in terms of performance, he's been great.

    Funn1k really needs to find his game again though. Personally, I'd still love to see the comeback of the Funn1k Bounty Hunter. As well, he needs to play Clinkz more. It's those heroes that provide the surprise/burst factors that he seems to do the best on, and they need to utilize that.

    Goblak...they seriously just need to replace him. I wanted to trade Goblak for N0tail SO badly, but I guess that's not happening. His reaction time is SO unbelievably slow, he never does anything that stands out, never turns the plays around. He just seems like such a non-factor all the time, and it's kind of disappointing. Still a wise player, but he should just coach.

    Vanskor? Ehh, not much to say about him. He does well enough...could be better, could be worse. Doesn't typically make humongous plays, but he does his job well.
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    WUUSTER Well-Known Member

    That AFK Lich in game 3 though
  14. Petique

    Petique Well-Known Member

    Their "rise" was short lived to say the least.
  15. VittuLima

    VittuLima Well-Known Member

    well u cant always win. But it isn't over. They will go china trough the wild cards either way so doesn't really matter. The wild card matches shouldn't be too hard for Na'Vi.
  16. simii

    simii Well-Known Member

    PR played their lineup beautifully in game1 and game3.

    Isnt the wild card team HR or PR now? The rest are just going to China but they will have to qualify for the main event still, so I wouldnt consider them a Wild Card team. And no, those matches will not be easy at all

    WUUSTER Well-Known Member

    Goblak needs to stop sucking dick and feeding his ass off every game
  18. VittuLima

    VittuLima Well-Known Member

    Winner of HR/PR will autoqualify and the loser with na'vi will go fight in wildcards. 2 opponents to them will be some randoms from some asian semipro league and 5th and 6th from china qualifiers. 2 Will proceed to main event. I think Na'Vis chances are good, they are improving so fast.
  19. DemonDays

    DemonDays Well-Known Member

    lol who wouldve thought PR and HR would be the best teams in europe
  20. Bodge

    Bodge Well-Known Member

    Where are the XBOCT blamers? Your funn1k failed hard and XBOCT delivered, no one bats an eye but when XBOCT dies ONCE and cost them a game everyone wants him kicked.

    OT: Goddamnit, it breaks my heart to see Na'Vi lose against PR. :/