The rise of Liquid

Discussion in 'Competitive Chat' started by VittuLima, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. VittuLima

    VittuLima Well-Known Member

    WP Liquid. Easy win when Na'Vi not present. If Na'Vi present would be 50-50 which of them win and which gets 2nd place. Now it is clear that Liquid and Na'Vi are by far the best teams in the world atm.
  2. mrfokker

    mrfokker Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Liquid are also lucky my shitstack wasn't there, otherwise it would have been a 50-50 as well.
  3. RandomFlamer

    RandomFlamer Well-Known Member

    GG Liquid, taking Bulba will be their downfall. Cant believe Miracle actually agreed to play in this team.
  4. silvercover

    silvercover Moderator

    it seems to be a shame this thread was forgotten by the time TI rolled in.

    so OP, how much "good" was liquid and navi at TI :cat:
  5. Mognakor

    Mognakor Well-Known Member

    Because Liquid is known to be an Allstar Line-Up, right?

    Kuro took a bunch of players most people hardly ever heard of and made it work, i wouldn't be surprised if he manages to pull it off a second time.