The rise of Liquid

Discussion in 'Competitive Chat' started by VittuLima, Jan 9, 2016.

  1. VittuLima

    VittuLima Well-Known Member

    Even though Volvo decided to invite tier3 team(A) instead of Liquid to the majors, Liquid showed how strong they are going trough the qualifier like a walk in a park. They should go far in the majors. They have the best carry in the world Matu, the best support Jerax(tied with Sonneiko) and one of the best mids Fata. Kurokys captaining is getting better too.

    Matumbaman hit 8k mmr like a week ago, and it seems Fata will hit 8k soon too. They might be the first team in the history of Doto to have 2x +8k mmr players. This 40% Finstack will become a legend among Dotoers if they stick together.
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  2. Mognakor

    Mognakor Well-Known Member

    Now that you created this thread, i'm having a bad feeling about the future of Liquid.
  3. fireblaze762

    fireblaze762 Well-Known Member

    If only fata was as good as dendi. He just doesn't have the same tier of play making unlike other teams. His razor for example is awful in comparison.
  4. ImAnerB

    ImAnerB Well-Known Member

    I literally elegiggled when I saw another Rise of #### thread.
  5. VittuLima

    VittuLima Well-Known Member

    Liquid starting Starladder strong. Going 3-0 first day. Raping every team they faced. Col, Secret and Vega =) Meanwhile Alliance showing why they deserved Major invite instead of Liquid, getting rekt by Na'Vi and Spirit :D
  6. Mognakor

    Mognakor Well-Known Member

    you're making me hate Liquid.
  7. 2ez4dondi

    2ez4dondi Well-Known Member

    Not this shit again..
  8. DoM

    DoM Well-Known Member

    SHould be: Rise and Fall of Liquid
  9. nam9xz

    nam9xz Well-Known Member

    You cared too much mate
  10. MopiMopiPopo

    MopiMopiPopo Well-Known Member

    >Topkek rise of liquid bahahaha!!!....
  11. wellengang

    wellengang Well-Known Member

    waiting for vitulima to make a rise thread for alliance now :cat:
  12. iLag

    iLag Well-Known Member

    It's funny as Alliance fans will probably come in here to trashtalk liquid over 1 series which liquid have also done. And that wasn't in a patch which buffed all their heroes.

    Anyway liquid just didn't have the correct idea of how to deal with their playstyle and every player was choking hard really feel sorry for mind control dude was crying I think.

    Honestly though this tourney doesn't represent shangai at all only team that is guarantee to do good is EG imo.the reason being alliance SHOULD be figured out and also China wants a win and every single big team there can abuse the best heroes of this patch VG especially.
    I honestly think spirit could've beat alliance or Vega only CiS teams seem to know how to play vs that style thus far
  13. Spiritah

    Spiritah Well-Known Member

    What now liquid fanboys? (elegiggle) (4head) (kappapride)
  14. JJE92

    JJE92 Moderator

    Ehm Spirit did in fact beat Alliance 1-0 in group stage.
  15. iLag

    iLag Well-Known Member

    In a point is cis team's know how to counter alliance specifically. I don't mind alliance but I hate their obnoxious f(a)ns and dislike Loda hope ppd does something brilliant
  16. ChickWithDick

    ChickWithDick Well-Known Member

    I'd choose obnoxious f[a]ns over secret/navi fanboys though.
  17. KungFuNerdNinja

    KungFuNerdNinja Well-Known Member

    Liquid suck.
  18. henpara

    henpara Well-Known Member

    now call the thread the fall of liquid until the next major ;P
  19. JJE92

    JJE92 Moderator

    No they don't, unless you believe that a top ten team in the world actually sucks.
  20. KungFuNerdNinja

    KungFuNerdNinja Well-Known Member

    That's a testament to how weak the field currently is (in particular China). Liquid's core players are non-factors more often than not. They should barely be a tier 2 team.