The problems of DOTA

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    As you see dota has many problems with heroes, items and gameplay.

    First of all i want to say that DOTA is created by a single man and when it was created he had 16 years old so thats alot to consider.

    As you see warcraft is an engine for serveral maps that can be created by users or by blizzard. Me and my friends love to play some random maps created by that users and we call it "imba maps" because they are imbalanced and thats why the creator makes versions to balance and fix bugs.

    Dota has 665 versions (without counting with b,c,d etc...) some of that versions were created really fast but the purpose of that versions is to make more balances, fixing bugs, adding some fun heroes to play and making the map much more popular.

    When dota was created it wasnt very popular but as soon as icefrog (creator of dota) was releasing more versions with more heroes it soon become really popular. I really dont know in wich version it became popular but it was fast as lighting and programs like garena became popular too (dota has the triple of the players of the other games in garena.)

    In the version 6.65 dota is a bit well balanced for a map created by one user, with many heroes that require skills and are fun (everyone loves to try to hook or hit arrows ^^) When new heroes are released they are mostly imba or they need nerfs or buffs. Like tauren chieftain that was really imba and could win games by himself... But now its pretty well balanced.

    The 2 new heroes imo are really well balanced for first release (slark can stomp pubs but he is not a hardcore heroe and his invisibilty only lasts 5.5 seconds and we can see the cloud so its easy to counter with truesight and he is really low hp. Ancient is a nice support ganker with skills balanced and a difficult ulti too use but effective, imo you icefrog could really nerf the ball of slow the rest is fine)

    Whats funny is that the problem of this version is some heroes like ursa and imo visage (you really fucked the heroe). The difference of ursa in 6.64 and 6.65 is that ursa can now use BKB wich makes her(him) invulnerable to disablers (except some ultis that pass trough bkb) and now overpower has no casting time.

    Im going to compare ursa to sven. Sven has an aoe stun with 2 second and decent damage (thats really good for battles), and passive cleaving that makes sence and can sinchro with battlefury, an chase/escape mechanism that gives speed and armor for 6 seconds(NOT 1 second animation and the enemie can be already in base... remove that animation) and an ulti that gives him insane damage for some seconds with an animation (its totally fine).
    Ursa has one aoe slow with balanced damage for 4 seconds (usefull for chasing and if used properly escaping) one orb that gives nice damage (for me its the best orb in the game) and an overpower that gives him a 6 insane fast astacks WITH NO ANIMATION... and the ulti gives a boost of damage with no animation again but that gamers are already used too so its balanced and the duration is low and has no mana cost.

    The conclusion is that the 2 heroes are look like each other but ofc sven looses 1on1 but if used properly with stun he can win the only stupid thing is his "chase/escaping" mechanism that 1 second animation counts like hell

    In a clan war now ursa is top top tier because it has no counters (just ban atropos) and it can rape a whole team with bkb... thats why it is always banned.

    About the 2 heroes of WORST TIER EVAH!!! (terrorblade and clinckz) The 2 heroes are in my opinion the only MEGA HARDCORE CARRIES because i never seen a terrorblade with some items loosing a game when its past 60minutes (unless he is noob or the other team has 4 good disablers) because terrorblade has the best agi gain and his illusions can make almost half of the damage and have the same speed and take 200% damage with can be used to rape a team. The sunder is his survival skill but its melee so we cant depende on that skill. The metamorphosis is nice but could have a better boost, his illusions are obviously what makes him the best late game of the game (altough the other team can have much aoe, 200% is can survive and even if they tank the illusion the real terrorblade can fuck him). The other skill called soulsteal is essencial because this heroe is a "wood heroe" because in lane he is fucking focused and with his low hp and no escape mechanism he dies soon altough his has a sweet atack animation. So if you take out soulsteal he wont woods and will have a hard time in lane.

    About clinckz in my opinion you should total remake him icefrog, like razor.

    Now about visage. This heroe in 6.64 was really usefull because he had the revenents atacking and he was the babysitter of the team with mechanasm and he could tank with vanguard (when it wasnt nerfed for ranged heroes) and hood of defiance and his passive of healing the teammates when he suffered damage was really good. Now he lost his passive of gaining damage to a new activbe called agony (that can make 360 of damage when the soul counters reach to max with a really small cooldown but the problem is that the counters take a while to get maxed and when you launch the skill it will take much more to fill up the counters than the cooldown) the new grave chill and is nice as the gravekeeper cloak with makes him really hard. But my question, for what? summoning agonies from 20 seconds to 20 seconds? shit a teambattle lasts less than that :X and the new familiars are really hard to use because they can stun aoe (really small) and for a small time i played 10 games and i couldnt do nothing with them. Plz icefrog i want old visage... this is going to shit tier.

    About items, imo they are totally balanced and fine because we can make funny builds for heroes but theres one item i hate that is the skadi.

    Its the most expensive item, only gives 25 of all stats and a slow. This item is only for medusa in my opinion because she needs mana and health to tank. But for other heroes it sucks skadi is only bought in 1/50 games of dota so icefrog do something about.

    To end this thread i can only say that the only problem of dota is the heroes because the rest of the map is balanced (for each sides, altough roshan is more close to scourge side but the only entrance is crossing the river)

    Thank you for reading this it really costed me alot.

    I will acept all comments if they arent that small ones like (you noob you dont know what your saying or "you suck" etc...)

    Hope icefrog reads it!
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    It's simple really: Ban Ursa.
  3. Syaska

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    Visage was not picked because of his babysitting abilities (he was usually soloing), he was a top pick because of his hardcore farming/pushing skills, the fact he was near unkillable late game, and because he used to carry hard with Treads/Meka/Deso.

    Clinkz is seeing some play recently, he is not half as bad as some people say.
    I agree with you on TB: he needs some buffs or a SS remake.
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    First of all, DotA will never be perfectly balanced, and if we take out the 2 new heroes, 6.65 is one of the best balancing updates that dota ever had, the TP delay, which encourage ganking, the vanguard nerf was good as well, for random carries that would go for that item like razor :)

    Ursa really needs a small nerf, either it's his MS has suggested before, or anything else, Clinkz, doesnt need to be remade, i think maybe changing his ulti , or swapping his ulti with another skill, might work.

    In overall, DotA is now more close to be balanced than the previous versions.

    PS: I still hate Slark and Ancient Aparition, they will be nerfed in 6.66 :)
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    ursa is fine, its u QQ'rs who need 2 be nerfed and gtfo.

    clinkz is fine 2, i stomp 99% of the game i play when im using him. his orb owns in lane. all u need 2 make is easy orchid through side shop and u have inf mana and never need 2 go back 2 base thanks 2 his ult which is also free hand of midas. his ww is best ww in game. dust gem or wards only counter half of it. it makes him move max ms which makes it >>>> slarder's sprint w/o the extra damage in take. then all u need 2 do is farm easy bkb, skadi, and mkb and its gg.

    so dont talk shit about how clinkz is the worst hero ever just cuz ur battlefury dagon clinkz got raped by an ursa solo ganking w/ no wards.
  6. Steric

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    This is so fail. There weren't 665 versions of DotA (google Search version 5.99, it doesn't exist, the last 5.XX version was 5.86). IceFrog was not the one that created DotA Eul and then Guinsoo developed DotA before it was passed on to IceFrog (which was when IceFrog made version 6.00, the reason for no 5.87-5.99).
  7. Black.Lotus

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    "with no" = "without" - just wanna say. :p
  8. DoomSlayers

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    Icefrog did not create DotA. Eul did but stopped. Followed by Guinsoo, which did the same. Icefrog came after them.
  9. Oumaigode

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    You gotta admit it, the guy makes a 1000 words thread, and the only thing you say is ''eul created dota'' we all know that, you must feel superior just because you know who created dota /flex...
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    I fail to see the point of this thread. Too many thoughts and no coherent point. I don't care if DoTa never gets truly "balanced" because it's the quirks and "overpowered" stuff that allows nerds and hardcores to come on here and voice their opinion, and without that this forum would be a boring place.
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    No, correcting someone so he doesn't make the same mistake does not make you superior. I don't take any pleasure in feeling superior. And what... feeling superior to someone you don't even know (or never met)? If I know I'm superior to someone (which is not the case at the moment), I keep it to myself.

    As for the rest of his text, I do not agree with it. Am I forced to explain why I'm not agreeing with him? No. That's exactly why I did not mention his text, because I don't want to argue about it.
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    1 sec animationtime for op and 1 for ulti ... and everything is fine
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    i played some games with eul. my god, i feel so superior to everyone now. /loserflex
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    What about this trolling whinning thread? You guys are listening to a player that does not know how to play Bone properly, plays the old Visage as a babysitter, does not know how to google the history of DotA, does not know the creators of DotA, does not realize that 6.65 is a content map... Sigh.. What's wrong with you guys? Is it damm easy to be trolled like this?
  15. desOo

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    DId you seriously answered seriously to that lame comment?
  16. Morbius

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    I stopped reading here.
  17. Mahorosan

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    There's problem for every game...
    Deal with it or make your own
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    This was a terrible comparison. Ursa is better at 1v1, and at solo ganking. Both of these together make up a very small part of dota. Sven has a better escape mech, sven ganks just as well with one ally, he RAPES image heroes, and sven COMBOS with many popular AoE heroes.


    Option 1: sven + darkseer + magnataur
    Option 2: ursa + darkseer + magnataur

    Which is better? I'll give you a hint: the first one can kill 5 people.
  19. Mahorosan

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    /pub cry
  20. KiReNnA~!

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    I don't see how do you can you compare Ursa to Sven, they each plays a different role. This thread is not convincing at all, it sounded more like "Whining about Some Dota Heroes" instead of "The Problems of Dota."