The Outpicked: Dire Thread 2.0

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  1. Ari~

    Ari~ Banned
    The Dire Thread

    [nqb]Current Phase: Dire Fifth Pick[/nqb]

    Welcome to the first Dota2 outpicked! This is a game of strategy where the goal is to outdraft the opposing team. If your looking for the Dire thread, click here!

    Rules of the Game:
    • The point of the game is to outpick the opposing team in a captain's draft (-CD Mode)
    • If you your join date (see your profile) was on an even day of the month, you're on the Radiant; otherwise, you're on the Dire.
    • Turns will take 24 hours for bans and 48 hours for picks. That means the whole game lasts over two weeks.
    • Only votes in Magenta will be counted. Votes can be changed infinite amount of times as you see fit, up until the final tally.
    • The team captain will be responsible for tallying votes and updating the top post with bans/picks.
    • If you see an enemy lurking, take a whole-screen screenshot. Send the screenshot to either SuperSheep or STR1D3R AriStar. The offender will be banned from voting and, if applicable, playing.
    • The team captains (STR1D3R AriStar + SuperSheep) each have three vetoes, one of them can only be used during the bans, the other two can only be used during the picks. Using a veto eliminates the current choice with the most votes, preventing anyone from voting for that hero. A captain can however retract a veto at a later stage should they change their mind about that hero.
    • The game will actually be played out by the forumers! If you wish to be in the actual game ask your teams captain via this thread. The list of participants is below, and since the match is being played on DOTA2 it is required you have the game if you wish to volunteer.
      The Dire Team:

      [note=Your Beloved Captain]STR1D3R[/note]
      [note=So Awesome]Ari[/note]

      The Dire Team's Bench:
      [note=Carry or Solo Hero]YoTengoUnLCD[/note]


    Bans (Radiant):
    [nqb][​IMG] [​IMG][/nqb]

    Bans (Dire):
    [nqb][​IMG] [​IMG][/nqb]

    Picks (Radiant):
    [nqb] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][/nqb]

    Picks (Dire):
    [nqb][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][/nqb]

    All voting will end/begin at 00:00 GMT.
    Please copy the individual heroes code below, to vote for your desired hero.

    Dragon Knight
    Spirit Breaker
    Vengeful Spirit
    Witch Doctor
    Queen of Pain
    Dark Seer

    Current Votes:
    Razor - 7
    Lina - 1
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  2. danger_x

    danger_x Well-Known Member

  3. Ari~

    Ari~ Banned

    Use this thread now. We are in our pick phase for the next 48 hours. Vote for 2 heroes together.
  4. amoura

    amoura Well-Known Member

    do we get two picks in this turn? if we do, i vote for Earthshaker and Queen of Pain
  5. YoTengoUnLCD

    YoTengoUnLCD Well-Known Member

    Qop will be of great help here, her AoE is extremely needed, we could add a lesh for an even more AoE-ish team and some nice pushing, but he can wait.
    I still think Sniper+SP here would be really gamebreaking, having the ability to attack from a very far distance, with a SP helping you survive/increasing your DPS hugely will really help.

    Also, I want my spot on the game.

    Queen of pain and Shadow Priest
  6. Ari~

    Ari~ Banned

    Also, let me know who wants to play SO far i have


    Im thinking Earthshaker+Brood?
  7. fremdlaender

    fremdlaender Well-Known Member

    I'm a bit undecided what to get right now.

    Earthshaker is a sure pick, as he has a relyable stun, initiating power and provieds ganking potential.

    For the second pick, Broodmother is a very strong hero but with the Dark Seer first pick of the Radiant, there is little chance for her to get a huge advantage in lane and her pushing power will stagger against Ion Shell and even without Dark Seer, there is enough AoE to keep her down.
    Also, Brood's physical DPS has several counters in this pool. Pudge, Atropos or even Viper can hinder her to DPS even through BKB.

    Akasha would be a good pick, because she provides AoE, mobility and ganking and the pool has very few relyable stuns left if we get Earthshaker. My concern about her is, she will lose the mid lane horribly against Atropos, if the Radiant realises his power. Still, I think she would be the strongest second pick in this pool as she won't suffer too much from DS' Wall of Replica.

    Therefore, I support the Earthshaker + Akasha pick and hope that Radiant does not think about getting Atropos or Leshrac, because the first one will weaken our lanes and the second one would be the best option as a lane partner for Earthshaker.

    On a sidenote, pairing ES with Razor would also be fine, but I don't think we should consider him yet. However, if Radiant gets Specter or Brood (maybe even Huskar), he could be a great addition to our lineup, as he can deny their physical presence and provide a Pipe for our team to face all the spellcasters left in the pool.
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  8. 565656

    565656 Well-Known Member


    Earthshaker has the longest range stun in the pool.
    Dazzle's ult might be a good counter for wall of illusion. Shadow wave all the illusions and the extra armour protects against whatever illusion is left.
  9. YoTengoUnLCD

    YoTengoUnLCD Well-Known Member

    It's always a risk to pick brood against a Dark Seer (I'm not saying it is impossible) but we'd have to rely a lot on team pushes and lane pressuring so DS have to leave his lane in order for Brood to do her thing.
    ES is not that great as he will be destroyed at the first vaccum before he gets his blink.
  10. 565656

    565656 Well-Known Member

    Farming earthshaker? Nobody says blink dagger comes at the 30 minute mark.
  11. smejo

    smejo Well-Known Member

    another spam thread
  12. wesai

    wesai Well-Known Member

    The very top of your OP is written: "The Radiant Thread".

    For a second I thought I clicked the wrong thread. :p
  13. YoTengoUnLCD

    YoTengoUnLCD Well-Known Member

    Exactly, nobody did. If we did a farming ES lane, we would need another semi (besides BM) to fill the DPS lack in midgame, maybe a hybrid dps/caster qop will do the job.
  14. mrpoey

    mrpoey Well-Known Member

    ES + QoP
  15. WallaceGrover

    WallaceGrover Well-Known Member

  16. Ari~

    Ari~ Banned

    I think we should go Earthshaker + Dazzle
  17. wesai

    wesai Well-Known Member

    Pick ES + QoP. Akasha can solo mid and gank utterly well, specially against the heroes in this pool. Controlling the runes will be the key for a solid start.

    ES and Akasha provide a massive AoE presence that we must abuse.

    Bane might be annoying as always if he is picked, but since we will possibly put our ES to roam, he can gank mid very early and coupled with Akasha's slow + nuke, he will not be able to hold long enough. At least that's what I hope.

    Earthshaker's Fissure is also our key to deal with Bane's ultimate during mid-game team-clashes in case he gets picked.

    Also, Earthshaker's ultimate can dissipate all illusions from Wall of Replica, and it's a guaranteed damage boost too (the cooldowns for both of them are close enough, so it's not like Dark Seer will try to get us off-guard and we will not be prepared, at level 3 these 2 spells have cooldown difference of only 10 seconds).

    By the way, I'm guessing they will pick Leshrac next. They couldn't get their hands on ES, but they will try to pick Lesh for sure! These two go along very well, one supporting another. There's a fight? No problem, Vacuum + AoE stun + an absurdly high AoE magic DPS. Oh, that hero is trying to escape? No problem, Diabolic Edict or Pulse Nova + Surge, try to survive that!

    Or am I just over-thinking? o_O

    Edit: By the way Ari, the OP still displays the copy+paste of SuperSheep's bench.

    Also, as I said before, I would be more than happy if I could play, but unfortunately I can't. I'm having an unstable internet connection right now, too much random disconnects. ^.^
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  18. mrpoey

    mrpoey Well-Known Member

    Didnt add much to my post - but, I think the ES QoP combo is great, the fissure - qop blink, and the aoe.

    Although, I'm not against picking up a second support with ES, forcing them to more or less take the remaining ones, or we ban them before they even get any, and we pick up QoP afterwards.

    Lina or Leshrac can function fairly well with ES to set up, same with WD. I'm not sure if Dazzle is what we want, unless we wanted Huskar later.

    Also, add me to bench :D
  19. Diyon

    Diyon Well-Known Member

    Earthshaker and QoP

    also add me to the list that wants to play.

    I think with the minimal disable and no silence in the pool QoP can really abuse her blink and AoE, except for bane of course.
  20. Shergal

    Shergal Well-Known Member

    Earthshaker, a disable is a disable and Fissure is basically the best thing in this pool. Provides ganking/roaming, and needed turtling.

    Queen of Pain, mid game, soloes, gigantic AOE, and there isn't any silence in the pool + we would be taking the long stun.

    I expect them to pick their supports now, which are going to be WD (this is a no-brainer) and I'm betting on a Dazzle pick (this is, if they don't rush Bane)