The international 2014.

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by IIBallsDeepII, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. IIBallsDeepII

    IIBallsDeepII Well-Known Member

    Anyone know where it is going to be hosted?

    Im guessing it hasent been announced yet but I do hope its in London or some other big city in Europe so I can attend.

    America is quite the distance and its been their twice in a row now.
  2. GodofTime

    GodofTime Banned

    Calm down, we are in september 2013.
  3. cancnar

    cancnar Well-Known Member

    It'll be in south africa.
  4. loewen

    loewen Well-Known Member

    it'll be in the great hat spaceship valve is making with all their money.
  5. Lycan

    Lycan Administrator

    most likely in seatle or bellevue again since that's hq for valve.

    But i would put my rares on Singapore or Hongkong.
  6. IIBallsDeepII

    IIBallsDeepII Well-Known Member

    Your probably right lol

    I think the team that wins the international the event should go to their home country the year after

    Unless its someone massively obscure and then it could default to like Seattle or something.

    Im going to sit in quiet hopes it comes to London :D
  7. cancnar

    cancnar Well-Known Member

    like eurovision?

    I'm sure if that happened we would have %90 of the internationals in china.
  8. KungFuNerdNinja

    KungFuNerdNinja Well-Known Member

    Seems most convenient for them to host it in Seattle/Bellevue. Can't give Valve tours in those sucker countries like Germany.
  9. IIBallsDeepII

    IIBallsDeepII Well-Known Member

    Why a Chinese team won it only once out of the last 3
    Thats not 90% at least it wasent when i was at school

    But yes like eurovision
  10. SuperSheep

    SuperSheep Well-Known Member

    Seattle is convenient but the venue is far too small to accommodate the amount of people interested in getting tickets. They sold out in 2 fucking minutes; supply and demand please...
  11. IIBallsDeepII

    IIBallsDeepII Well-Known Member

    London has some of the biggest venues in the world "hint hint valve" XD
  12. abcabcabc339

    abcabcabc339 Banned

    HILARY 2016
  13. Boss_B_McBoss

    Boss_B_McBoss Well-Known Member

    I've spoken to dota 2 devs and can confirm that it won't be in Seattle again...
    If don't believe me so be it, but just remember this post.
  14. GabeNeweed

    GabeNeweed Well-Known Member

    It will be on a random stadium in USA.

    You hear it here first.
  15. Mango Ngazi

    Mango Ngazi Well-Known Member

    Seattle stadium. They have lots of stadiums there.
  16. Gray_Fox

    Gray_Fox Well-Known Member

    It's hosted in Somalia. It'll have a pirate theme to it.
  17. Churrass

    Churrass Well-Known Member

    ofc the same place again, valve is not FIFA
  18. Greaves

    Greaves Well-Known Member

    I really hope they will host it in Europe at some point. Would attend for sure.
  19. DreamKnight

    DreamKnight Well-Known Member

    good luck with that.
  20. Lama051

    Lama051 Moderator

    Could be hosted in Luxemburg since Valve has another office there.