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  1. centaminatOr

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    I am curious about Dota History from beginning and become to be the Most Popular Game in the world.

    Can anybody or Dota Staffs can help me about Dota History (Who and when they made Dota, What Heroes in the first patch, In what patches New Heroes was introduced, what Big Tournaments for Dota, What Clans is the best in specific time/era etc ? Thanks a lot.. :)
  2. Shatterman

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    most popular game in the world?
  3. Crumb_Catcher

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    I can't help u much, but as far as I am concerned, first person to take dota seriously and unite all dota maps was Eul. Magina, the antimage was once named Eul, the mage slayer. Then Guinsoo took hold of the nerf stick, then IceFrog. Eul's scepter of divinity ,,reminds us of an archaic age'' - it was time when there were many dota versions. Guinsoo Scythe of Vyse is named after second nerfstick wielder. You can download almost all dota maps easily, either from this forum or Home - Information, Replays, Heroes - Dota Allstars, old official dota web site.
  4. centaminatOr

    centaminatOr Well-Known Member

    Not so sure about that, maybe WOW or something is more popular. I am not too active in gaming since WC3 melee slowly dying..

    So, Do You know about Dota History or not ?
  5. Fadoramix

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    That's a long history you know ;oo. Too make it short



    And what do you mean be the most popular game in the world?=p
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  6. Deva

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    The first one to developed DotA on RoC Platform was Eul , inspired by Aeon of Strife . When TFT was realeased ,Meian took inspiration from Eul'work and made a tft version of dota , when he left Guinsoo inherited his work , around 5.x Guinsoo left and there came neichus ,then he left and since then IF has been the developer of DotA . There are some very old dota maps on RoC , somewhere on Mediafire, Epicwar or filefactory , the oldest version available on epic war is 3.12 on RoC iirc .
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  7. wapakerz

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    I don't know if this is official, but it says that it is DotA version 1.0.

    Ladder heroes and most original ladder items, map by Eul's.

    I'm currently still using wc3 1.20e, try using version switcher if you can't play with 1.24.

    Other notable changes I had from 6.27 till 6.64, I haven't played 6.65 yet.

    Once aegis was an item that can be bought, with DR you are already the winner.

    Denying creeps totally denies experience. It is possible that you are level 10 and your enemy is still level 1.

    Blink dagger doesn't have the 3 sec restriction.

    Power threads doesn't have stats for str/agi/int before.

    Eul's upgrade into Guinsoo before, and are tributes to the first map developers

    Roshan doesn't level up. It is very strong that only few heroes can defeat him 1 on 1.

    Alchemist's stat gains are just as good as other heroes, but now he has one of the lowest.

    Tp scrolls cause the structure being teleported at invulnerable.

    That's all I can remember for now.

    Here is the map I'm telling:
    View attachment 9132

    I hope that helped.
  8. ph34rpet3

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    there used to be ALOT of maps like dota and then euls created the allstars version where he had all the heros from all the maps together in one map that was like i dont know 10 years ago?
  9. uchin4X

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    No, WoW is not that famous in my region. Imo WoW is not very popular in asia. When dota is... You know... Maybe CS is more famous?
  10. DoomSlayers

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    DotA never was and never will be the most popular game in the world. I only played DotA 3.6 from in RoC.
  11. SpiralAvenger

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    wtf? dotas been around for 10 years??? how come i only found out about it the middle of last year?
  12. Swiftkick

    Swiftkick Well-Known Member

    Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos came out in 2002. Not quite 10 years, but pretty close.
  13. DoomSlayers

    DoomSlayers Well-Known Member

    RoC came out in 2002. DotA probably appeared in 2003. Well, I started playing DotA in 2003-04. Good old times :eek:n2long:

    I just saw Swiftkick's post, I guess you already got your answer.
  14. Yoyo Cream

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    When I started playing dota, we needed to make Eul to do Guinsoo ;D
    And Riki had 2 ult, one was a ward like WD's one... So many things changed...
  15. centaminatOr

    centaminatOr Well-Known Member

    I play that part too but very rarely..
    I am a Starcraft and WC3 Melee players, when I play Dota quite often is when Alchemist introduced, I am not sure what patch it was.
    Due to GameStats. WOW is the most played game around the world right now.
    Because Blizzard to busy to develop WOW (that give them so much money) and neglect WC3 to be overrided by Dota which ironically using WC3 engine.
  16. Swiftkick

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    Didn't he used to be called Ryu Hayabusa or something? I know that his non-channeling Death Ward was freaking ridiculous. Seems like he and Bone were in every goddamn game. Bone Clinkz could back door so damn easily as well. You could build Aegis, and it had multiple charges. Now that's history.
  17. FaultLess

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    One of my classmate said that there is an old map of dota(forgot the version) where you can devour a hexed hero! IMBA! is that true?
  18. Shadowplay

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    Copying from an old post which gives the basic history of dota:

    Your class mate is an idiot. It is Tides of Blood and yes there is a hero which can eat other heroes. It has nothing to do with dota
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  19. casczxc

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    super Mario is the most popular game in the world
  20. Jakino

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    I remmember times on battle net reign of chaos, shit load of versions of dota, dota classic, danites hell, dont remmeber more. Dota was not more popular then Hero wars, tower defence and stuff :p