The dota ms paint rage dump thread!!

Discussion in 'Comedy' started by thisisbob, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. thisisbob

    thisisbob New Member

    Holy shit, rage userbars!


    by SpiritOfNoobs, instructions hidden below.


    no skill, no words, no reason, only rage and ms paint





    how to post pictures:

    now go and spill your rage
  2. Divine

    Divine Well-Known Member

    whoa! ^ u r here! finally!
  3. TheBloodseeker

    TheBloodseeker Well-Known Member

    yay! now i can start my rages again >: )
  4. initialdylan

    initialdylan Well-Known Member

    TheBloodseeker I has looking forward to your rages!
  5. HappyCat

    HappyCat Well-Known Member

    the god of rage returns! wb!
  6. starfighter9

    starfighter9 Well-Known Member

    AWW YEAH. Now the awesome comes to PD, been waiting for this a long time.
  7. initialdylan

    initialdylan Well-Known Member

    Don't think we can beat the DA views though. I haven't seen one new rage yet :/
  8. qlq

    qlq Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but we can try :rofl:
    Anyway welcome back bob:D
  9. Fa1com

    Fa1com Well-Known Member

    "no skill, no words, no reason, only rage and ms paint"

    yea indeed, thats fabulous baby draw ROFL

    good job dude
  10. Dj0z

    Dj0z Member

    happened a few mins ago


    sooo irritating >_<
  11. Divine

    Divine Well-Known Member

    ^ took me a while to read..
    but lol
  12. initialdylan

    initialdylan Well-Known Member

    Same. Wall of colours.

    But still, lol
  13. georgian

    georgian Well-Known Member

    are you sure this is Bob? i mean,everyone could make an account with this name,steal the picture and the first post from DA...
    i only believe you if you make a rage,so..MOAR
  14. initialdylan

    initialdylan Well-Known Member


    Rage from thisisbob please!
  15. FortyEightHours

    FortyEightHours Well-Known Member

    Still think you got stiff competition against thebloodseeker. His ms skills were uncanny.
  16. initialdylan

    initialdylan Well-Known Member

    IceFrog complimented his work. LOL
  17. GoD_Tyr

    GoD_Tyr Well-Known Member

    yay some good ole rages finally! gogo people :-D
  18. Dirtnap.

    Dirtnap. Well-Known Member

    maybe this ms paint rage thread will stay on dota related stuff
  19. Divine

    Divine Well-Known Member

    i think thisisbob is a faker :D
    post something new
  20. qlq

    qlq Well-Known Member

    I no getz it:/