The best player + hero combination

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Xerx, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. Xerx

    Xerx Well-Known Member

    By combination I mean something like Yaphets SF, Chuan WR, etc.

    So who do you think is the best?

    I personally think it's Skyforger's (from Finland national team) Juggernaut. All the others have a weak phase in the game, like SF fails early. Skyforger Juggernaut rapes in lane, dominates midgame fights, and outcarries everyone even spectre and medusa. There isn't a single second where he's vulnerable.

    Post your own opinions!
  2. Skyforger3.0

    Skyforger3.0 Banned

    I'm still not from Finland.

    But :cool1:
  3. Lauranna

    Lauranna Banned

    Lauranna STORM SPIRIT
  4. P1louxxx

    P1louxxx Well-Known Member

    pillow' -random
  5. AriStar

    AriStar Banned

    Me with Antimage is unbeatable. Unless there is an invoker.
  6. GroundAttacker

    GroundAttacker Well-Known Member

  7. Euronymus_ftw

    Euronymus_ftw Well-Known Member

    me with slark on random garena rooms.
  8. 8thCircle

    8thCircle Well-Known Member

    lol, am whiners
  9. Lama051

    Lama051 Moderator

    Old MYM (read current EG), any lineup they come up with.
  10. cilinder007

    cilinder007 Well-Known Member

    dendi pudge bitch
  11. blastLead

    blastLead Well-Known Member

    Bear + Bear
  12. Tkmi

    Tkmi Well-Known Member

    Tkmi and QoP
  13. googleson78

    googleson78 Well-Known Member

    Seaking Morphling
  14. turtle.slayer

    turtle.slayer Well-Known Member

    i heard some guy was so good with batrider that icefrog had to dedicate a fun name for him . i could be mistaken though.
  15. GodlyKha

    GodlyKha Well-Known Member

    Hans2 Clinkz.
  16. Yajirobe's SF
  17. mikrodizels

    mikrodizels Well-Known Member

    mikrodizels furion
  18. ChibiNya

    ChibiNya Well-Known Member

    Ari's bounty Hunter nya :p
  19. firedrop

    firedrop Well-Known Member

    any random newbie on drow
    any random newbie on centaur
  20. 4saken.Infinity

    4saken.Infinity Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen any remarkable player + hero combination as of late because DotA turned role-dependent and not hero-dependent, something I think is dumb and inefficient but what can I say.

    I really can't think of a single hero plus player combination of such level as Yaphets SF, Vigoss QoP etc. from the past year and half. This is derpy. I would say YYF Bounty Hunter is the best shot at it but bounty's broken so idk.