The 'BEST OF HEROES' DOTA Awards!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by acf3passion, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. acf3passion

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    These are just my opinion, but I think they're quite accurate:

    Why? With the introduction of Soul Ring, his team presence is just relentless. He seems to have limitless healing which also deals pure damage (same as Finger of Doom lvl 1). His repel can be just what you needed and slow aura is just sick. Name a hero that is terribly annoying right from level 1 with Soul Ring.

    I understand there are many great pushers (pit, brood, etc). But Furion truly takes it to another level thanks to free global Boots of Travel. Stack two spells of Ancients at hero's level 3(!) and your first tower can be gone under 8 minutes. It only gets more disgusting all the way to level 16. Get Scepter, global push every 60 seconds. Use Teleport WITH your TP. Your towers will NEVER go down. Oh yea, they also have 33% spell resistance now. :)

    I almost wanted to say PotM or Shadow Field for their skillful freestyle spells (arrow & raze). Invoker just has incredible depth. I remember last year, I started to get sick of dota then I got addicted to this truly unique hero. At my peak, I knew all combos in my head and emptied my mana in SECONDS with furious keystrokes thanks to 2cd scepter.

    A skillful Invoker user would:
    -Always have Forge Spirit up at all times, no matter what. Have them push even if you happen to leave lane.

    -Use the damn imba Icewall. It makes me sick how pubbers never use this amazing spell. Have Invoker face sideways so the wall is casted down the lane. Absolutely amazing.

    -Meteor FIRST then Deafening blast. By the time Meteor lands, they'll take full damage from the blast stun. I want to punch pubbers who cast Meteor alone. Same goes for EMP then Tornado.

    -Don't think. Your fingers should always react with QQWRV for Ghostwalk.

    -And if your brain is too fried, there's always that shitty but hilarious ROFLstomp build with self-Alacrity DPS with Desolator.

    There are lots of hotties in Dota. Lina is up there, but you can beat that hooded goth looks. WR is just a boring version of Drow.

    5. BEST TANK
    Axe got nothing on this beast. Dagger + Stun + Blademail = Absolute disaster. No creeps needed. His Return skill scales now. On an average game it will deal 100-125 magic damager PER volley. And that's before getting HoT.

    Oooohhh I can FEEL the opponent about to snap his keyboard. We all know SF is the best 1v1 lane... until Viper comes. He can orbwalk you to death and make you go back to fountain countlessly. Only Tinker can slightly scratch him. But just buy 1 bracer + 1 band instead of 2 bands, grab tangos and Tinker is shut down. With the massive Scepter boost, 4 branches + Point Booster opening is very sick as well (bottle if needed).

    Feel free to discuss & add your own category
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  2. Senjougahara

    Senjougahara Moderator

    Whatever happened to your Slardar homage?
  3. acf3passion

    acf3passion Well-Known Member

    It would break this forum if I mentioned the almighty Slardar.

    On a serious note, he's a good all-around tank with BKB. He's doesn't quite shine as a BEST OF one thing.

    As for STR DPS route, I prefer awesome Sven or Mag.
  4. DracoLich

    DracoLich Well-Known Member

    1) NS on CM
    2) Brood
    3) Invoker
    4) Akasha
    5) Sven
    6) Anyone with orb-arrow

    Use PRO level, not pub
  5. acf3passion

    acf3passion Well-Known Member

    No way.

    Spiderlings and Spiderites are super susceptible to AOE thanks to their swarming number. You have to pick Brood carefully depending on match up. They also give massive gold now in current patch.

    Treants have much higher tolerance and they also have 33% resistance.

    As mentioned, the most important of all is the global teleport skill. His ultimate is also for pushing for christ's sake.
  6. ramadan07

    ramadan07 Well-Known Member

    dazzle is best supporter than omni..

    brood is better pusher than furion (have you ever seen furion banned or even picked in a single pro game?)

    lion with some items is better than invoker

    tiker will scratch viper?
  7. acf3passion

    acf3passion Well-Known Member

    Lion has 'incredible depth/skill'?
  8. ramadan07

    ramadan07 Well-Known Member

    did not get you... may you clarify?
  9. acf3passion

    acf3passion Well-Known Member

    I picked Invoker as hero that takes most skill.

    Then you said Lion with some item is better than invoker.

  10. ramadan07

    ramadan07 Well-Known Member

    ofc no one has as much skills as invoker, this is as a count of number of skills, but i meant about the effeciency of skills during the games. thats all bro.
  11. borisy

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    I think you don't get it.Invoker wins the award for the most difficult hero to play/master , not who is the better hero ...
  12. Snake

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    @ Ramadan07 I think he meant the most difficult hero to mastery.
    BM is better pusher than Furion, Best supporter for me goes to CM/Dazzle. And agree the rest with OP :D
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  13. jonnell

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    what ks means?:mellow::mellow:
  14. jonnell

    jonnell New Member

    what ks means?
  15. ramadan07

    ramadan07 Well-Known Member

    kill streak or kill steal
  16. Senjougahara

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    why are you quoting my post?
  17. ramadan07

    ramadan07 Well-Known Member

    he is asking you dude :)
  18. Senjougahara

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    I don't get it. Why am I being specified as the one who should answer that question when, in general, he/she/it can ask anyone?
  19. Y3H

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    Just look at the post count. He knows jack shit about our forum.
  20. Clear

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    i see you hate axe :lol:

    but axe forces you attack him but with centaur we could just ignore him..

    i am not sure who's really the best tank..