The Best Furion Build?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by ark-eXodia, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. ark-eXodia

    ark-eXodia Well-Known Member

    i had played furion recently and had saw his great potential as a great ganker, and good dps-er.
    So i just want to know what do you think the best build on him because there are some many counter on him i think.
    So here;s are my review about furion :

    He was a fragile heroes that have low armor low hp, so he can die easily but he have a great potential with a great farming ability(teleport and wrath of nature) and a great global map mobility(you can teleport anywhere if you have explored the area, even i think tinker is still num 1 on map mobility).

    ok let starts with his skill first :
    - Sprout
    An amazing skill that can disable enemy by trapping it for 5,25 seconds(on lvl 4) especially if your enemy is mele , you can harras him easily.But this skill was easily countered by QB and tango, also some enemy had a skill that can destroy tree(enigma Midnight pulse, alleria power shot,jakiro macroype,rexar wild axe,tauren earth spiliiter and etc).The only good thing that;s this skill has 8 seconds cool down so you can cast it often(oh,also the tree can be used to block enemy vision)and some range enemy still can attack you.
    This skill was furion core skill to make him become deadly ganker and rice farmer,the weaknerss of this skill that you can go to area that had;nt be explored by you or your allies,and when you teleport there will be a animation to the area you teleported so the enemy may know you was teleporting to that area(if the enemy had a vision on that area)what makes this skills good is that you can stop command to cancel this skill, so you can trick the enemy.
    -Force of nature
    Actually i never leveled up this skill and never go to early jungle farming with this skill.This skill is good if you want to early push or use the treant to scoutmap to alert you(good to explored some area that had;nt be explored and as wrath of nature combo on him)
    -Wrath of nature
    Over all this skill was great, it give you great skill ability on farming and harras enemy,also this skill can hit 5 heroes at once(if the chain can hit 5 heroes and there are a vision on those 5 hero)and can give some huge ;s potential if the enemy hero hit on max chain like 14 or 17 chain.Usually i use obs on enemy jungle so i can maxed wrath of nature potential that can hit heroes and neutra creepsl on jungle, but if the enemy get hit, they will now that there are obs on it so i think this skill can be a ward alarm to enemy too.

    about it;s skill build, i never buy dagon on this hero because i kinda don;t like it and some ove my team mates always say that i was a KS-er hero if i make dagon.So my build on him is kinda to dps-er ways like desolator,orchid,guinso,buriza,and even cuiras,dominator>satanic,and mkb othewise if i build domi>satanic(coz desolatgor don;t stack with mkb)
    for aghanim i think it was great but if i look at it;s effect, it only increase the chain damage and damage,and the cool down is same 60 seconds at lvl 2 and 3, so i rarely build it coz i think without agha this skill is still good on ot.

    well i think that;s all, sorry if my english is bad because it;s not my native languange >.<
    So thoughts or opinion about his builds and his play style if you want to share with me?
  2. chick3nfist

    chick3nfist Well-Known Member

    Sprout can be fantastic or totally useless. At level 1, go to your long lane with a guy that can solo if needed. Enig, for example. If the opponent can get out of sprout easily, jungle. If the opponent can't, you've suddenly made your lane extremely deadly for the opponent. Sprout sets up lotsa skills. Torrent, hook, etc.
  3. The Other Guy

    The Other Guy Well-Known Member

    Get a super quick Dagon, proceed to gank and rape face.
  4. Adun

    Adun Well-Known Member

    Max Teleport, gank every 40 seconds. Get an Urn & 3 Bracers so you never die, with Treads and Bottle. Just go to the back of the enemy, tank the incoming wave and use Sprout to seal the enemy. When he's dead, Teleport to base, then repeat the process. Use his ult on creeps so it bounces to heroes with greater damage, and a level of Treants for defending or pro hero blocking.

    The thing about Furion is his global presence. Put it to good use.
  5. Monsterlord

    Monsterlord Banned

    I personally see Furion at his best as a mapwide pusher. He has mapwide mobility in a way that only Tinker can match, and can actually surpass him in terms of pushing and applying pressure.

    My favourite way to build him is with some early stats, usually a Bracer and Null, and a Headdress to keep the lane marching forward. Regen isn't a huge problem because of Teleport, so I usually leave with just a clarity. Push hard into the tower, and get it down asap for some lovely gold.

    After that, some basic boots and rush Aghs. The stats are great, and it amplifies your ultimate's push and farm power by a fair bit. Soon you'll be rolling in money, and it's up to you what you do after. I usually go for Str Treads Guinsoos and Mek, but the game's usually done before the sheepstick's finished.

    As for skills, I hardly bother with Sprout. Max Force and Teleport first, along with your ulti, and just push into any lane that's either been left empty, or is coming close to a tower. Even just tping in, making some ents, and attack-moving them along the lane while you run off is effectively another creepwave, and enough to take down the first towers very, very soon.

    Edit; ^ I'm very much against Dagon builds on Furion. He's fairly squishy, and has no real dps past his stats, so I feel like taking all those kills is a bit of a waste. Pushing towers that quickly, on the other hand, benefits the entire team and can apply so much pressure that the enemy will struggle to recover from or push back against.
  6. ninguem

    ninguem Well-Known Member

    Dagon Furion fits really well into that lineup where everyone gets blink+dagon and ganks like crazy, though.
  7. Bweezle

    Bweezle Active Member

    Dagon can be used to steal kills but that's not the point of getting it on him. You can be at just about every gank in the game, if you want to and you'll bring a nuke with you. He's one of the few people who put it to respectable use.

    If rushed, it's sweet. Otherwise, you're better off getting something else.
  8. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    Dagon is used to extend a stupid amount of map presence and make any gank or hero attempting a solo kill lethal. It is not an item that is just for "ks".

    You have a very narrow view of a very versatile hero.

    Your post is also very choppily written making it harder to determine what you are trying to say.
  9. madbreeze

    madbreeze Well-Known Member

    I have been trying out some different builts on him ..

    but i like this: pt.Urn.manta.Maelstrom/Mjolniar.mkb + one like a guinsoo/HotD..

    Dagon rush.. imo is good for early game.
  10. iOWNyou

    iOWNyou Member

    I usually go for maelstrom->mjol on Furion. And if the game last longer as expected, i pair it with skadi. Plus agha.

    and it feels goooooood. =)
  11. zxdragon12

    zxdragon12 Well-Known Member

    I saw a hilarious build on Furion with Treads, MoM, Buriza, MKB, Dagon. MoM and MKB first. If the enemy is stupid enough to not get Tango/Quelling/any other spell, it can be pretty devastating.
  12. Kris

    Kris Moderator

    Or stun you...
  13. XASD777

    XASD777 Well-Known Member

    I used to do that build in -em like 4 years ago, except with midas and agha instead of treads and dagon. The logic was similar to yours "if they are stuck in trees and I am longer range than a general stormbolt I win".
  14. wannamarryavril

    wannamarryavril Well-Known Member

    Please see how SoSoon in Starsboba plays Furion in SMM 2010. I think he has the best build ever an I admire them so much :D
  15. findus

    findus Well-Known Member

    PLease link :ninja:
  16. badmafa

    badmafa Banned

    or even a brief description. some of us don't have hours to hunt for and watch replays.
  17. I really like putting balanar in a lineup with him. The trees cause huge problems at night, making it a hilarious fit.

    Weird comments aside, midas if you can rush it in 5-6 minutes, otherwise dagon. Gank the shit out of mid early (level 2-3) as you have the most Lol wtf just happened ability to suprise them.
  18. Stromrage

    Stromrage Well-Known Member

    Where am I get the replay? :eek:n2long:
  19. HonorGuard

    HonorGuard Well-Known Member

    GosuGamers DotA | Replay: SB.Gigabyte vs

    Fun game to watch. underestimated the power of the push, and thought they could turtle...there was also a 20 minute teamfight in the game...enjoy
  20. -Groove.Mike-

    -Groove.Mike- Well-Known Member

    There's three build i often do :

    - PT STR, Stygian Desolator, and then what you want.
    - Very fast dagon then mass gang.
    - Mael/Mjol for good pushing ability (i haven't done this a lot but when i had to def a base with two set of raxes down, it's really helpful)