The Best Build for Balanar

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by ZtrifeX, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. ZtrifeX

    ZtrifeX Well-Known Member

    I am having a hard time making the most efficient item build for Balanar late game. (Around 30-40 mins) I have a lot of money around 2k-3.5k but I don't know where to invest and i think it costs me my game. Can you help me?

    This is my usual Item build at the start of the game
    2. a tanggo
    3. two clarity pots
    4. and the item with tree chop

    Around 10- 15 mins of the game
    1. power treads
    2.tree chop
    3. bottle

    after that usually I make Aghanims or if there are too much disablers bkb.
    then I get stuck. And when their carry gets strong I don't know what to use.
    In short I want a general finishing Item.
  2. Rivirland

    Rivirland Well-Known Member

    I really like Orb of Venom on him. I played him twice in 6.68 and I went this:
    Boots -> Treads
    Non-stop ganking

    Gank during night, farm during day. I used my ult whenever it was off cooldown, except when there was a teamfight coming up (your team is gonna push or something, also partially intuition).
  3. Appleware

    Appleware Well-Known Member

    Vlads - S&Y - basher - HoT
  4. ZtrifeX

    ZtrifeX Well-Known Member

    orb of venom is quite good. but not sure if I'm going to build skadi. My usual problem is when they build manta. he's usually useless. thanks
  5. ZtrifeX

    ZtrifeX Well-Known Member

    Tried Basher also It's fine. thanks
  6. Rivirland

    Rivirland Well-Known Member

    You should stop them from building manta, or at least delay it a lot. If they have like a Drow or a Dusa, just keep ganking them and delay their items, then your job is done and the main carry can take over.
    By the way, Armlet also is a pretty good item on him, but then you'll need to pick up some regen.
  7. Shrug. You aren't supposed to scale that well into late game. I'd try a battlefury + BKB if you are facing manta heroes. Orb of venom is solid but leave it as it is. If you can rush dagon after bottle it can be surprisingly effective (its very hard for agility carries to build up those manta linkens type items when you are able to insta glib them every battle/gank.)

    Don't make sange yasha, don't make HoT.

    Top DPS item is Desolator for him.
  8. ZtrifeX

    ZtrifeX Well-Known Member

    Yeah Armlet is good coupled with dominator.
    Well Usually it ends when I have Aghanims or Basher or BKB but sometimes when I have Idiot allies that make them build Manta. I usually have a hard time.
  9. zaphodbrx99

    zaphodbrx99 Well-Known Member

    ignore most of these folks.

    best dps build on him is dual hammers: basher and mjollnir. Nothing beats that.
    then aghanim as a luxury, since late game ganks are surprisingly effective when heroes have to spend ages respawning.

    Also use ult pretty much whenever you can. Day/night cycles so quickly now that nothing is lost while doing that.

    armlet/deso/bkb kind of things don't really work that great on him. He has a different playstyle than straightforward charging in and trying to deal dmg in a few seconds. ( eg. like lycan,RK, ursa ). Also the fact that they have a bad build and he doesn't farm that well. You can't really build bkb first on balanar because then he'd sorely lack dmg ( bkb is really questionable on any hero with a silence and it's very redundant on nightstalker with his perma haste- I have dodged dozens of light strike arrays, fissures, thunder claps etc. simply by looking at the cast animation and moving out of the way ).

    Basher mjollnir are cheap, cost effective and generally the best items for him. Mjollnir btw is one of the best counters to manta style. Just put the lightning shield on and it owns illusions big time. Plus, chain lightning.
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  10. kakaboo

    kakaboo Well-Known Member

    MKB is much better than a basher. Bkb is almost always a must in most games, and you don't really need agahim's on him.
  11. ZtrifeX

    ZtrifeX Well-Known Member

    yup I know that I shouldn't build those two tried and tested.(S&Y, HoT) Balanar has a high str gain. Usually at lvl 18 he has around 1700 hp-2000 hp
  12. ZtrifeX

    ZtrifeX Well-Known Member

    Why Cast it everytime During the day? Arent you making the day longer?
    I usually cast it If there is going to be a gank or clash. At Night I always cast it. to make the night longer.
  13. ZtrifeX

    ZtrifeX Well-Known Member

    I beg to disagree. It takes too long to build. I would rather make Battle fury than mkb.

    sorry for using Aghanims early on. I'm kinda the aggresive type / greedy haha..
    And when I'm with my brothers we are usually ganking.
  14. ^That is the proper way to play him.

    Mjolliers is subpar, he doesn't lack in attackspeed, he lacks in damage.

    Armlet is solid, couple it with a vanguard + wand + bottle and you are impossible to kill.
  15. andreacirri

    andreacirri Well-Known Member

    PT Agha Wand Bottle CB Cuirass
  16. ZtrifeX

    ZtrifeX Well-Known Member

    doesn't really like vanguard for him since he has a high armor. But its still good haha
  17. Rivirland

    Rivirland Well-Known Member

  18. zaphodbrx99

    zaphodbrx99 Well-Known Member

    Ofc that's because you don't have a clue about mjollnir.
    Mjollnir is not made to 'give attackspeed' to those who lack it. It is made on those with already very high attackspeed but low dmg because it is the most cost effective dps item for them ( think alchemist, slayer, troll, windrunner ).

    If you want him to be 'impossible to kill', why make armlet rather than 2 more tanking items? Armlet is the exact opposite of a survival item.
  19. ZtrifeX

    ZtrifeX Well-Known Member

    Got that right Armlet is not a survival item. he's just saying that it synergies well with vanguard. but for me It synergies better with dominator turned satanic.

    and your right about Mjolnir/Maelstrom that why i dont build Mjolnir for balanar because his base attack is already strong. ( thats why I'm recommending Mjolnir for Io)
  20. ztrnxz

    ztrnxz Well-Known Member

    are you contradicting yourself?? you agree with him and then say i dont
    base attack strong? what difference does it make?

    and finally recommending mjol for Io?? thats just ridiculous...dont ever try making io anything dps please