The A-Z Challenge

Discussion in 'Dota 2 Matchmaking and Communication' started by Erpoxe, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Erpoxe

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    I'm sure allot of you have heard about the A-Z challenge. It is a quite simple and brilliant way to learn every hero by starting of with playing the first hero on A until you win with that hero, then move on to next in the list until you hit the last one in the alphabet.

    This would be cool as a Match Making setting, like the limited hero option.
    When you have won with the first hero on A, and still have "this" matchmaking option on, the hero is no longer available to pick.

    I usually recommend my new friends to do this, as i personally think its a great way to learn what every hero does and how to play them. But I can see how some would think it's a pain to play heroes they are not comfortable with and when it comes to new players playing heroes like chen and meepo, oh boy. But still, its the best way to learn imo. Making it a matchmaking option / as a challenge, I think it could motivate ppl to try new heroes and improve their picking pool. And there is something rly rewarding about finishing a challenge. But to motivate ppl more, make everyone who plays this mode get 25% bonus bp or whatever.

  2. DreamKnight

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    It's a good idea, since dota is way different from the other games of this genre.
    People should play with all heroes at least 3 times when they are starting the game so they can understand each hero basics, unlike the other games where they are blocked which is stupid.
  3. RubySlash~

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    You know where the A-Z challenge is effective too? :;):
  4. Greaves

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    I think Single Draft and Random Draft would be enough. Me and my friends always play Single Draft, and it made sure i played all the different heroes asap. This also gives your opponents this ''handicap'', which is more fair than in low tier AP, where Sniper, Viper and Riki are picked first, and you get stomped by them. (As you get better, those heroes are way more easily dealt with, so then AP is a bit safer.)
  5. P1louxxx

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    It is fun as a personal challenge but doesn't promote strategy much, ie counterpicking and teamplay.

    As Greaves stated RD and SD are a good way to learn different heroes, just my opinion there.
  6. Erpoxe

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    Well, it should be an optional option, also the A-Z could be more like a recommendation.
    The point being that the players who got this option on can't play heroes they already played and won with. Ppl playing rd sd wont pick heroes like chen or the heroes they are really uncomfortable with. It is a great game mode, but it does only make ppl try new heroes to a certain point.