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Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Zoors, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. Zoors

    Zoors Active Member

    1- what hero have the best strenght ?
    2- the expensive item is ?
    3- there is 1 hero can beat Dragon knight ?
    4- who win 1vs1 kunkka or naga ?
    5- who is the best hero ? explain why ?
    i answer its 10 days later :p:
    You answer it by number Qs
  2. Inimical

    Inimical Well-Known Member

    Posting this in Comedy might be better, it fails so hard.
  3. Manta

    Manta Well-Known Member

    1) Techies
    2) GG Branch
    3) None, zomg Davion is imba!!!!11!!!!111one
    4) Who is Kunkka? Who is Naga?
    5) The best hero is Clinkz. zomg imba, he can DPS so much! Also he can wind-walk easily!!! No one can escape from him, he has 522 MS! If he's near to death he can use Death Pact!!! Imba!!!

    O wait, this is not in comedy... Whatever. This quiz kinda fails though, these can be achieved easily by half a brain.

    e: Imma just go serious.

    1) Pudge
    2) Salve x 99999
    3) tbh, the better player wins.
    4) Kunkka, he can push easily
    5) AA, obvious reasons
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  4. コクーン

    コクーン Banned

    1. Rooftrellen
    2. Assault Cuirass
    3. No ;D
    4. Neither. Chuck Norris will interfere and win the game for himself.
    5. Chuck Norris.
  5. Shatterman

    Shatterman Banned

    ignoring your horrible grammar, this post sucks
  6. wutwat

    wutwat Well-Known Member

    1 - i think roof or maybe cent with his ult (not sure)
    2 - skadi
    3 - slardar (actually quite a few heroes could beat dk)
    4 - naga (depends on farm though)
    5 - venge because of great abilities and stats, strong ganker, item independant, game breaking ulti, probably the strongest roamer or slardar because he is op atm. too strong and versatile and too few disadvantages. i was surprised he wasn't nerfed in 6.65/6.66 (same with some other heroes)
  7. Drikam

    Drikam Well-Known Member

    1. roof/cent/pudge

    2. the most expensive.

    3- there is 1 hero can beat Dragon knight ?
  8. uchin4X

    uchin4X Well-Known Member

    1-4 already pointed out it seems. I will answer Point 5. IMO it is Leoric - He can do ANYTHING as a manliest hero in DotA
  9. Roseveld

    Roseveld Well-Known Member

    I feel sad when reading this :(:
  10. kornuletz

    kornuletz Well-Known Member

    1. None, all strength points are equal in quality, none is best.
    2. The expensive item is costly.
    3. No, Meepo.
    4. kunkka vs naga is 1v4.
    5. Best hero is Holy Knight. Why? He is fucking holy!! But who is bestest?(better->best->bestest)
  11. Zephirdd

    Zephirdd Well-Known Member

    So full of trolls! :p

    1- Roof
    2- Dagon lv 5
    3- Most carries before lv 16/ Any carry more fed than him past 16/ Perma bashers(Troll/Void/Slardar) always outcarry cleavers(PA/Sven/DK)
    4- Kunkka np, unless his torrent was already used when naga uses images. Naga still outpushes him though, and he can't really push when naga is there, so he's most likely to lose the game.
    5- Lucifer, he is fuckin' imbalanced.

    By the way, 10 days is a loooooooong time.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2010
  12. ayeye

    ayeye Well-Known Member

    1) Roof
    2) Divine Raiper
    3) Panda is the best dps hero. I am not kidding .....
    5) Mirana or lucifer for their fast capacity of push lanes.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2010
  13. gridlocked

    gridlocked Active Member

    1) Rooftrellen
    2) Dagon-5
    3) Harder carries
    4) Naga
    5) Techies
  14. Linism

    Linism Well-Known Member

    1 - Sven, your numbers and stat-gain don't matter shit in front of the manliness that is Sven. He's like Chuck Norris, only he's real.
    2 - Lol, Sacred Relic, it's the single most expensive item.
    3 - St. George, he's a pretty cool guy. Eh slays dragons and not afraid of anything.
    4 - I'm voting more on ArtGerm.
    5 - Best Hero?! Sven, your opinions don't matter shit in front of the manliness that is Sven. He's like Chuck Norris, only he's Bruce-Lee-proof.
  15. Drikam

    Drikam Well-Known Member

    I would say clinkz is better. awesome dps, attack speed, ms... and has a escape mechanism. techies can only self deny if something goes bad.
  16. World Wide Web

    World Wide Web Well-Known Member

    btw.. what's the point of this thread?
  17. Drikam

    Drikam Well-Known Member

    lol at refresher orb. NOOB.
  18. vnbomber9

    vnbomber9 Member

    Oh man, sooooo many trolls XD

    1. Slark the Murloc !!!!! or Enchantress?
    2. Mana potion.
    3. IceFrog with Nerfstick.
    5. Techies, because he's so imba that he's excluded from -rd.

    4. Naga, her ulti is the song of seduction, and no sailors or captains have been able to resist her sexiness.
  19. Zoors

    Zoors Active Member

    2- is wrong ... any way itis from best answer here
  20. fgiveme

    fgiveme Well-Known Member

    No one mentioned the zomgwtfimba Troll Warlord? I think he's on par with Chuck Norris
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