Terrorblade in Competitive

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Saguine, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Saguine

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    Upon the advent of 6.71, I was reasonably certain that both Spectre, Broodmother and Terrorblade would be the only viable melee agility carries. (edit: because I'm an idiot) Spectre has appeared in a lot of HL games, and Ferrari's Broodmother in the recent iCity tournament proves this. My main question is this:

    Why isn't Terrorblade seen in higher level play?Would Terrorblade be viable in competitive play? I can visualize him in a long trilane. When his ranged form is up, he can run in the trilane Morph-style, last-hitting and getting kills, and while he's in melee form he bushes.

    The two potential risks to this strategy are, firstly, that he is too fragile for a trilane, and secondly ganks into the bush while he is vulnerable. However, any decent trilane will do its best to defend the trilane carry, and while in the jungle he'll not only have images up but a comprehensive warding scheme can help deter this.

    The bonuses of a strategy like this:
    • Terrorblade is a powerful DPS carry once farmed. Since his BKB and Manta buffs, he can go for conventional carry items.
    • While Terrorblade is out of his lane, the trilane can either farm or try to gank him. If they try to gank him it either denies their trilane carry farm, or leaves him vulnerable in the lane.
    • When TB is out of the lane, the two support heroes can gain exp without denying their trilane carry exp. This means that, when TB is in lane, the trilane is more powerful because the supports have level advantage, which in turn can give more kills to Terrorblade
    • Because of the support level advantage, they are less likely to feed mid- and late-game.

    Overall, it lends power to both the lane and the team late game. While it would be best to fill the solo lanes with semi-carries, why wouldn't Terrorblade be picked on occasion in competitive?
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  2. The Other Guy

    The Other Guy Well-Known Member

    Permabanned hero is permabanned
  3. Saguine

    Saguine Well-Known Member

    Since when is TB permabanned? Links? Hoisted by my own retard.
  4. Berry

    Berry Well-Known Member

    He is still unavailable in -cm.
  5. Saguine

    Saguine Well-Known Member

    God. I feel like an idiot now. I was sure that he was available.

    OK, nonetheless: will TB be viable in competitive play?
  6. badmafa

    badmafa Banned

    Almost definitely.
  7. Saguine

    Saguine Well-Known Member

    How would you play him?
  8. badmafa

    badmafa Banned

    Put in a trilane with some pushing ability. Any support heroes can go with him (if you're pushing, Veno or THD might be a good idea, but you probably want a true stun as well). Soul Steal build.
  9. Saguine

    Saguine Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. That's Soul Steal + Images? I'd rather go Images + Meta and then get a semicarry solo like AA in the trilane. That way, when I'm bushing the semicarry can get some farm and leveling. Meta also gives a minor HP boost, which is always nice.
  10. The Other Guy

    The Other Guy Well-Known Member

    SS is godly and not abusing it early would be silly.
  11. swordofhonour01

    swordofhonour01 Well-Known Member

    soulsteal is OH-PEE
  12. No_Worries

    No_Worries Well-Known Member

    SS/meta probably would be best for an aggressive trilane to help add his damage output being able to attack from afar

    Images that early are really only good for pulling/jungling
  13. Saguine

    Saguine Well-Known Member

    After a bit of research, I can see that SS is quite amazing. 80hp/second effectively means that TB and co. can initiate on an enemy, and for the enemy trilane to retaliate they first have to break SS. So, basically, they can initiate without fear of counter-initiation.
  14. Lateboomer

    Lateboomer Well-Known Member

    Image should be kept at level 1 during laning, there is no other 'better' solutions. His images will be too fragile to do decent tanking, his damage is too low to compensate for the extra cost. As said, image's only use early would be as a scout/NC stacker, despite the tendency of comp players spamming their shit on a hero on first sight while crossing path
  15. PuneetRJ

    PuneetRJ Well-Known Member

    in most HL play they go -cmub nowadays. Still terrorblade isn't picked?
  16. Atilla

    Atilla Well-Known Member

    I'd say you should actually feel the hero out instead of sitting here, theorycrafting.
  17. Saguine

    Saguine Well-Known Member

    I have been feeling him out (nohomo) but I guess I've been more focussed on my jungle-TB. Still in legacy mindset, which needs a change.
  18. fireblaze762

    fireblaze762 Well-Known Member



    Its really not that difficult to trilane with tb
  19. Atilla

    Atilla Well-Known Member

    He can also easily solo against stuff like Doom, Clock, Rexxar, Puck etc.
  20. badmafa

    badmafa Banned

    Prime Nations is the only arena for -cmub, and the decision to use -cmub was unanimously met with "huh?".