Terrorblade and 6.73

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by HcAznGeek, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. HcAznGeek

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    - Added Treant Protector, Terrorblade and Tuskarr to Captain's Mode

    Terrorblade is probably one of the most anticipated heroes to be released to the CM pool and now he is. Boasting untargetable illusions, a steroid passive, the ability to go ranged, jungle sufficiently and hp trading, he is one carry to be reckoned with.

    However the patches have been very generous to the STR carries. Alch has even more BAT reduction with his ulti and Goblin's Greed has been given an extra 8 gold limit. Sven can't exactly be countered with diffusal blade and warcry isn't as garbage as it was and the list keeps coming.

    Will Terroblade's debut version to Captain's Mode be overshadowed by the buffs to the STR carries and quite possibly Slark?
  2. Milith

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    I don't see TB doing that well in comp. Good teams just wont let him go below 50% hp without being sure of being able to disable him till he dies. Plus he's way easier to gank early on than AM or Weaver.

    But yeah he's still got a sick skillset, he could fit in those ~20min push line-ups. TB doesn't need that much farm to do damage.
  3. McMarto

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    TB will fail in comp.
  4. DotaGuy86

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    Untargetable illusions? When did this happen? His illusions take 350% damage and go poof quite quickly to any AoE. That said, they're the only ranged illusions in the game outside a manta on a ranged hero, so meta+manta=5 demons. Zeal is also a very good laning tool. Yes, TB is gankable, but he can also jungle (if not too well early on), so if his team looks out for him via wards, he's going to be well off.

    Not to mention that sunder is more or less a bonus. His other skills are very good, and if you do manage to get a sunder off and capitalize on it, that's going to rip the fight open.

    That said, I really think his sunder should be remade.
  5. SirIsaacNewton

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    TB has sub 900 HP at level 11, his illusions take 350% extra damage, 1 crystal nova and they are gone. Also the cast point of sunder is kind of unreliable, If you try to cast it when you have 200 hp left, the enemy will just throw 1 nuke at you and you are dead.

    I don't really see TB being the imba carry of 6.73, his illusion's dps is a little over exaggerated, and he needs quite a bit of farm to become scary.
  6. McMarto

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    Yeah, it needs a buff, because the whole hero sux. You can kill max 1 hero, no more in a battle.
    And the OP was talking about the illusions from the first skill.
  7. Pwntlolz

    Pwntlolz Well-Known Member


    mfw the moment this hero is released in CM he suddenly is considered shit by everyone
    bruno167 did the math, and level 8 terrorblade had like twice or 3 times the dps of most other heroes without counting illusions
  8. Nanahan

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    Those "untergetable Illusions" are the one's created by Reflection. Which I think are quite strong - at least against the enemy carry [Supports wont both all that much about suffering 65% of their own rightlick dmg]. On top of that it also slows MS AND AS by a whooping 35% within a 350 AoE for 5 seconds.
  9. McMarto

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    Dota is not only math.
    Bruno thinks that right click damage is better than nukes damage and that the lack of any disable is an advantage. So be it.
    I'd still prefer any other carry.
  10. Hemoxyte

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    we shall see, i doubt he will be picked much though.
  11. Drickosh

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    His illusions is ranged and mostly used for confusion, although their dps is somehow good as they are affected with zeal. what laid behind is meta give terrorblade extra 35% base damage and reflection is a short version of ds' ulti with slow.

    sunder as above said is mainly served as bonus but change the battle greatly with one great usage.
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  12. Blarrg

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    You all are underestimating TB a lot.

    Drow was picked all the time in competitive when midgame DPS was extremely important, terrorblade has this times 2. Neither of them have escape mechanisms but with a dedicated team he can turn around ganks with his huge DPS.

    With a powerful trilane or dual lane against a solo he can be a serious threat, much more than any other carry in the early-midgame stage. Not to mention his pushing power for a carry is unmatched except for syllabear (But TB doesnt need to afk farm a relic).

    I can't say anything just yet, TB sacrifices a lot of survivability for some extremely scary DPS... we will have to see how hes used.
  13. 7384885469944

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    Just pack of losers above, TB will win CM.
    You just 2 tarded 2 realise it by your own.
    New TB is such imbalanced as your mothers in rage when they could do everything which comes to their mind.

    Love u losers :DD ^^
  14. sargeras66

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    I love how TB was considered imba for months and suddenly after being introduced in cm, he is considered shit.
  15. CynthiaCrescent

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    Some people who have posted here are.
    I don't agree, but they do have a point. Large changes have been happening in 6.73, and only time would tell how exactly does it affect the whole metagame
  16. Kanashimi

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  17. Bruno167

    Bruno167 Well-Known Member

    you know, when I played this game, I thought a DPS carry doesn't need to have stuns or be some ganker-carry-support wannabe.

    A DPS carry is meant to DPS. In this role, nothing beats earlygame TB. His dps is 232 with just treads on level 10. Go ahead and see that others barely exceed 80 at that point with the same gear. heck, a razor with a butterfly+treads at level 10 has 171 (or 178 don't remember) dps.

    Sure, TB is weak. 550 range too. Applying "nuke damage" every second is also weak, because it's physical! only magical count! lol.

    imho TB is ridiculously broken. I don't know when the "proz" will notice that, but you shouldn't really care too much about that.
  18. PuneetRJ

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    Believe it or not, Tb is going to rape cm mode. No matter how hard you try to say AoE pwns him or w/e else you think you can say.

    He eats towers for breakfast, heroes for lunch, and the game is over before dinner.
  19. Pwntlolz

    Pwntlolz Well-Known Member

    wana count out how many other carries dont have moderate damage nukes and/or disables?
    I will, you can tell me how many of them arent viable.

    Syllabear, Weaver, Spectre

    oh, is it just me or are those 3 of the most commonly used carries recently?
  20. Black_Ice

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    It's weird how no one mentioned Lycan, THE mid-game carry. Compare TB's DPS with Lycan's and you can see where TB really fits.