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Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by Feldgrep, Aug 27, 2016.

  1. Feldgrep

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    So I recently discovered the wonder that is morphling and I was thinking of good lineups to run him/her/it in. Here's what I came up with:

    Morph and dazzle offlane, drow mid, ogre or Mirana roaming and axe or
    Dark seer offlane.
    The morph builds into early damage items like DL and RoA and pushes the tower fast. The dazzle
    Is there to protect morph and to help push. Drow mid gets a fast 6 for more damage quicker, and also pushes her tower. The roamer does roaming things, then helps take the tower quicker after hopefully getting a kill or two in the lane. Mirana has leap and bonus drow damage, and ogre has bloodlust and a little bit of aoe for waves. In the offlane Axe/DS pushes the lane, hopefully taking the tower quickly then getting a fast blink/Mek/pipe or whatever is needed to make the team snowball heavily Midgame. All the outer towers are take , and then the team can rosh, then if they feel they have a big enough lead, go high ground. If not starve the enemies while farming to get enough items that they are ready to go high ground.


    Edit: Added info on roamers
  2. IHateLeavers

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    Your lanes are pretty weak tbh and you got very low CC/aoe dmg for team fights.
  3. SBVenom

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    pugna + huskar + optional alchemist.

    aether lens + aghs for instant one shot on decrepified unit.
  4. Feldgrep

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    That's true, but the lanes are relatively safe, there's a dazzle to save morph and a dark seer that can stand back and let the ion she'll do the work. Also if anyone tries to Hank their tower gets shredded pretty quickly.
  5. DoM

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    drow is shit mid.