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  1. SaneCaz

    SaneCaz Well-Known Member

    att with rad to own
  2. mrbosnos

    mrbosnos Well-Known Member

    i love his bear :D
  3. L3nT

    L3nT Member

    He loves bears
  4. kusandaora

    kusandaora Well-Known Member

    lovely bear
  5. hotmu

    hotmu Well-Known Member

    yeah lovely bear
  6. Kaiman

    Kaiman Well-Known Member

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    the Spirit Bear is THE most annoying thing in the game to fight against. Not most o.p., but most annoying.
  7. ramabg

    ramabg Active Member

    My strategy is use both Syla and bear for attack and use bear to attack your chaser(hopefully got entangled) so you can safely run.
  8. FafraGa

    FafraGa Member

    bear very powerful
  9. Milleniumm

    Milleniumm Member

    nice hero
  10. eimeegaw

    eimeegaw Well-Known Member

    this hero is for pro only .. because ur hero is so fragile.. u usually depend on the bear during early game
  11. GrynSun

    GrynSun Well-Known Member

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    mega early and mid uselessness. Pretty much fails to fit into any good hero combo.
  12. rawr4rawker

    rawr4rawker Member

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    Very hard to master but superb micro and Hood makes a diff on this hero
  13. niagra

    niagra Member

    Imbalanced hero. Needs to be played properly
  14. Well-Known Member

    Owns the game.
  15. Moso

    Moso Active Member

    Useless for noobs, rapist for good players
  16. cataztrophe

    cataztrophe Member

    is it good enough when combine syla with SnY and bear with Cranium? tq
  17. rawr4rawker

    rawr4rawker Member

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    Pretty good although you need to stack on IAS items for it to proc as soon as it's out of cool down. I may be wrong though the chance to land an Entangle and Bash is parallel with each other - meaning that it can proc at the same time.

    Other than that, it just slows your Radi farm or by the time you have acquired a Radi, the game has come to a point that it barely does anything.

    Mostly, Spirit Bear's core are Phase Boots, Assault Cuirass, and Radiance. Anything you get on it are considered luxury. If I have the excess gold, I prefer Gloves of Haste or Hyperstones for more DPS and a better chances of landing an Entangle.

    The better focus is building Syllbear, himself, to be survivable during the later stages of the game. For trolling purposes, you might wanna grab a Shiva's Guard, Eye of Skadi, Sange and Yasha, Boots of Travel, Butterfly, HoT on Syllabear. That set provides good EHP but barely does anything in escaping.
  18. 1337Banned

    1337Banned Well-Known Member

    u dont need sny. Just get radi and basher + ac + mjolnier= gg
  19. Ph3nOmEn

    Ph3nOmEn Member

    damn i love going and farming in woods with him..
  20. harodase

    harodase Well-Known Member

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    radi and gg